Bug dans la dernière version de Sven Co-op

Infos-du-Net.comUn bug gênant a été repéré dans la dernière version de Seven Co-op. En fait il s'agit d'un problème de compatibilité entre le mod et ce magnifique Steam...

"If you're definitely installing to your correct Steam Half-Life directory, but the installer can't find a valid HL installation in that folder, it's probably because you haven't played a single-player game of Half-Life in Steam before, so the files (such as hl.exe) haven't been extracted. Just click Yes to force installation to the directory."

"Make sure that you let the installation finish completely... it can seem to freeze for a few minutes at the end, especially if installing full HLSP support to Steam. Please be patient. If installation is genuinely stuck, press your Windows key and check for any open DOS windows."
"If you've copied your SvenCoop folder from regular Half-Life to Steam, you'll need to run the sc_files_STEAM.bat file in the SvenCoop\ directory to fix sentence problems/etc. (or vice versa)"

Traduction en français disponible ici.
Source : NoFrag

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  • Anonyme
    Steam qui bug?
    Je comprend pas, doit y avoir une erreur.... C'est pas possible? ;-) ;-) :-o :-x :-) :-( :-) :-) 8-)
  • OsmO@IDN
    C'EST LA FIN DU MONDE !!!! lol :-o