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Limite capacité disque dur

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13 Janvier 2007 11:41:16

voila mon disque dure est hs, j'ai vu que certaine carte mère n'acceptait les disque dure de plus de 128 Go alors je voulai savoir si cela était le cas avec la mienne ?
# Chipset
VIA Apollo KT266 Chipset
Northbridge: VIA VT8366
Southbridge: VIA VT8233
# Socket A CPU Support
supports the following 462Pin socket A processors:
AMD Athlon Thunderbird with 266MHz FSB
AMD Athlon Thunderbird with 200MHz FSB
AMD Duron with 200MHz FSB
successfully tested with: Duron up to 950MHz / Athlon up to 1,4GHz
with four mounting holes for special cooling systemes
Automatical adjustment of speed and voltage
Manual adjustment of FSB-frequency from 100 to 166MHz in 1MHz-steps
VCore-voltage-fine adjustment: reduce or increase by up to 275mV
# Expansion Slots
1 x A.G.P. (4X Mode), 3,3V
6 x 32 Bit PCI
1 x CNR (Communication/Network Riser)
# Onboard IDE Controller
2-Channel Enhanced PCI IDE
up to 4 IDE devices
supports up to UltraDMA/100 (downward compatible)
with ATA-100-cable
# Hardware monitoring
CPU-temperature, System voltage and fan revolution can be monitored
# More interfaces
1 x PS/2-Mouse
1 x PS/2-Keyboard
1 x Parallel (SSP/EPP/ECP)
2 x Serial (16550 kompatibel, Fifo)
2 x USB (four more connectors onboard)
1 x RJ45 connector for networking
1 x Line-in
1 x Line-out
1 x Microphone
1 x MIDI/Joystick-connector
1 x Floppy drive
1 x Infrared (IrDA-Adapter not included in delivery)
1 x WOL (Wake on Lan)
4 x USB (zwei weitere Anschlüsse am Backpanel)
3 x Fan (CPU, AGP-Card, Northbridge-Chip, Case)
3 x Audio (CD-Audio-in, TAD, AUX)
# Memory
2 x 184-Pin DDR DIMM-socket
for DDR SDRAM PC-1600/2100
with 64, 128, 256, 512 and 1024 MB size
2 x 168-Pin SDR DIMM-socket
for SDR SDRAM PC-100/133
Maximum memory support: up to 2 GB.
Use either SDR- or DDR-memory only.
SDRAM-frequency can be adjusted to a system frequency of plus/minus 33MHz.
# Soundfunction
Software-Audio with AC'97 2.1 conforming CODEC onboard
# Integrated Network-Function
built-in VT8233 Fast Ethernet Controller 10/100MBit/s
supporting Full- and Halfduplex
# Power Management
Power saving modes: Doze, Standby and Suspend
ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface)
supports Suspend to RAM and Suspend to Disk
power on via modem, timer, network (WOL), PCI-Card
On/Off-buttons with two functions: suspend-mode / soft-off
State after Power Failure: Auto/Off
2 MBit Flash EPROM
Award BIOS V6.0PG
supports Green PC, Desktop Management Interface (DMI)

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13 Janvier 2007 12:33:09

Les versions trop vieilles de XP ne gère pas les DD au-delà de 128 Go. Passe au SP2.
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