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24 Avril 2007 21:12:07

bonjour à toutes et à tous
voila je n'arrive pas a désinstaller la version anglaise de kaspersky à cause de son password d'origine"password is wrong"
veuillez svp m'envoyer le mots de passe pour désinstaller kaspersky
merci d'avance

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24 Avril 2007 21:21:11

C'est toi qui est censé l'avoir inseré dans le logiciel pour la première fois...
24 Avril 2007 21:48:28

salut floriazaa
ce n'est pas mon propre mots de passe, j'ai cocher involontairement sur password au demarrage de windows
1 Septembre 2009 09:44:45

bonjour dabord chui un hacker sous le pseudo de SATANOMED666 tkt chui un gentille hacker po un mauvais comme les autres bien sure alors je v vous donnée une solution k'elle va vous etre utile si vous etes bien en anglais bien sur merci d'avance :

Kaspersky 7 – Forgotten Password Fix

January 20, 2008 by efhell

You can’t image how embarrassed I am in actually forgetting my Kaspersky Internet Security 7 password. You can’t just un-install the application and re-install it like with many other anti-virus applications as it will also ask for this same password again. This is a good idea for most people, but there are going to be times where people have either forgot their password or have bought a second hand computer with the software already installed.

I fell into the “Oh my god, I have forgotten my password again” criteria. I looked on the internet with a heavy heart as I read that you couldn’t just un-install the software and I was starting to think the only way I would recover my password (not really recover) was to format the hard drive and re-install everything. You cannot believe how much I was groaning inside with the thought of doing this yet again. Don’t get me wrong, installing windows is really straight forward to other operating systems, but it just not something you want to do on your Sunday afternoon when you are suppose to be taking it easy!

After much searching I managed to put together a work around that worked for Version 7:

* Disconnect your PC from the Internet or alternatively switch the router off.
* Reboot into “Safe Mode” by pressing F8 at the start.
* Once loaded to the desktop, navigate to ‘C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0? folder.
* Rename the file ‘avp.exe’ to ‘temp.exe’
* Restart the PC and let it boot as normal.
* Run the renamed file ‘temp.exe’
* Open the main application window and click on the settings link.
* From left hand side select the ‘Services’ option.
* Remove the tick from both the ‘Enable Self Defence’ and ‘Enable Password Protection’ Options
* Click on the OK button.

You’ll notice that Kaspersky didn’t prompt you for your password, which leaves you now free to create a new one.

* Close the window and then Exit from the program (right click in the taskbar).
* Go back to the ‘C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0? folder and rename ‘temp.exe’ back to ‘avp.exe’
* Run ‘avp.exe’ by clicking on it.
* Click on the settings link and then into ‘Services’.
* Tick both the ‘Enable Self Defence’ and ‘Enable Password Protection’ options.
* In the box next to the ‘Enable Password Protection’ option, go to ‘Settings’
* Enter a new Password and confirm it by entering again.
* Click OK button
* Reboot the PC and connect back onto the internet.

Now please write down your passwords in a little booklet and store in a safe place!

alors voila tout ske je peu faire pour vous b1 si sa na po marché revné me voir voila mon adresse arch_angel_side@live.fr

g juste fé un copie coller du text en anglais vous pouvé le faire traduire sur www.systranbox.com
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