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7 Août 2008 12:01:46


j'essaye d'installer sur vista un jeu qui s'appelle FAust les 7 jeux de l'âme, lorsque je lance l'instal j'ai le message d'erreur:

error copying to temp directory: source:E:\vcl35.bpl

je précise que j'ai essayé de changer le mode de compatibilité mais ce n'est pas ça.

merci d'avance

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8 Août 2008 10:12:48

Si vous avez déclaré le dossier TEMP, il y a un antislash en trop
C:\Windows\TEMP au lieu de C:\Windows\\TEMP

a b 6 Logiciels
13 Août 2008 08:36:17

Well I don't speak French but this is the only site I could find about this and to let others know of my SOLUTION to fix this problem. Find a translator or your s**t out of luck.

First off, its the executable that is at fault within Vista. I made a simple patched setup.exe that you can either install of two ways:

1) Download and install ULTRAISO, make an image (bin/cue, iso whatever) of DISC 1 onto your hard drive. Open the image up within ULTRAISO and drag the file I have supplied into the ROOT of the folder (delete the old one first within Ultraiso's browser if it gives you troubles). Next burn the image to a new disc and your good to go, it will install.

2) Second option is to make a temporary folder on your hard drive, lets use C:\FCD1 for our example. Open an Explorer window and browse to c:\ then make a folder called FCD1 and open it. Press CTRL+N and this will open another Explorer window (or manually open another one). In the second window browse to your CDROM/DVDROM that has Disc 1 of Faust on it. Press CTRL+A or manually select ALL the files on the Disc 1 of Faust. Drag these files into the other window which is our C:\FCD1. Once files are copied use the file I have supplied and copy it overtop of the one located in C:\FCD1. From there just run Setup.exe within C:\FCD1 and install will continue like normal.


If you choose step #2:

After installation go into the installed folder of Faust and open the file fl.ini with Notepad. Change:




X = your drive letter of your CD/DVDROM that your going to play with.

Now I must say I can't guarantee this is even going to play in Vista, Faust wasn't even playable at best for me in XP but then again Sanitarium plays better in Vista x64 than it ever did in XP for me.

Anyways, grab the file from the link below, extract the file Setup.exe with Winrar (www.rarlabs.com to download Winrar) to the prefered method you would like to do. I'd recommend just doing option #2 as the Disc will only work in Vista I'm sure.

I just repackaged this archive because I noticed a problem when switching discs on the game and added an extra note above, but as Sanitarium ran flawlessly in Vista, so does Faust! The voices and movies are perfect! FINALLY! Shove over XP...



Instructions included with archive as well. Enjoy


Updated with new link and is now a complete Faust fix for installation and playing (this might be english verison only). Fixes can be found in the README file.
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13 Août 2008 11:58:48

Hello and thank you for your long answer.

I tried the first solution but ultraiso don't want to do what you say because it's a trial version. Anyway I don't think there is a difference between the 2 solutions.

So I try the 2nd but after some time of happiness, an other message appear:

error copying to temp directory : source=>C:\Faust cd1\directx\drivers\eng\VMCPD.X86

I think it's hopeless but if you have an idea ...
a b 6 Logiciels
13 Août 2008 12:51:24


I've updated the first post, I actually found HEAPS more problems within two more files (while running the game, but mine is working absolutely perfect now after so many hours lol). First post has been updated with new link and new README.

As for your issue, ULTRAISO will work in trial mode thats no problem, it looks like your folders are showing up properly now though so we have moved forward a bit with yours. Can you let me know the following. Do you have the CD or DVD version of the game? Is yours a French version or English version (or multi)? I think the latter is the problem here. I'll check up tomorrow on your post or feel free to email me and I'll help you get yours working, it won't be a problem now, just need some more info before I know which route to take.


Oh I forgot to mention, hold off on burning to disc, get it working with step #2 first and then burn what works.
13 Août 2008 15:09:41

Alright... so I have a CD version and it seems French only.

I tried with the three files you give but I have the same error message(the 2nd)!
On the game's box they ask for directx 6 compatibility; I don't know, maybe there's a link?
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