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Nouvelle version d'AZUREUS (Version Officielle Non Beta)

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13 Février 2006 11:15:07

A télécharger ici (windows)
A télécharger ici (Mac OS X)
A télécharger ici (Linux)

changements :
Core | Logging seperated into sections
Core | Plugins can be disabled from starting up
Core | Separate high-speed transfer rates between peers within the local LAN
Core | Encrypted peer connections
Core | Revamped and much improved piece-picking code
Core | Option to bind outgoing connections to the same local port, may help with NAT router instability
Plug | HTTP webseed support (http://www.getright.com/seedtorrent.html)
Plug | New "team seeder" plugin
Dev | Plugins can now add views/tabs to Torrent Details, Peers View, etc
UI | Draggable column reordering and column indicator (w/SWT 3.2+)
UI | Peer piece map in Peers Tab
UI | Manual tracker scrape option if auto-scrape disabled
UI | Share-ratio indicator and options to hide the various indicators
UI | Separate per-torrent options panel
8-) :-(

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