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Sortie d'eMule 0.46c MorphXT v.7.4

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11 Octobre 2005 20:03:52

Changelog for eMule 0.46c MorphXT v7.4
FIXED : (major) SafeHash Patch from SlugFiller mod (Borschtsch)
FIXED : (minor) Mixed icon in downloadclientlist
FIXED : (major) Rollback code arround ICS feature
FIXED : (minor) Smart A4AF swaping
FIXED : (minor) Advanced A4AF management
FIXED : (minor) Shared Part column have been fixed (missed merging code from 0.46c)
FIXED : (minor) Changed Share Only The Need a bit due to official change

CHANGED: Turned back the right sorting of the file status column
CHANGED: Moved back "Download In Alphabetical Order" setting in priority popup menu
CHANGED: Reworked a bit the Anti-leecher to not ban client morph based mod
CHANGED: Linear priority column show us all information regarding download priority
CHANGED: EastShare CS has been updated according to change in official
CHANGED: Create ipfilter, fake and ip2country class first to avoid multiple hd access while hashing
CHANGED: USC: changed the way to limit upload slot datarate to balance upload and avoid lost of bandwidth
- so don't worry if you see datarate above limit with 1" upload avarage setting
- in short trickel slot may take high datarate until their avarage download reach upload limit setting
CHANGED: WC: WebCache site has been shutdown due to high load, so i removed link for autoupdate webcachesetting
CHANGED: Every client are now equal arround PowerShare file state
CHANGED: zz code update arround scheduled upload system

ADDED : Patch to make shareable file succefuly completed with insufficient space disk on target

TWEAKED: Anti-Leecher test order by Stulle



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12 Octobre 2005 08:07:36

L'avez-vous testée ? ;-)
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