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Configuration router avec Wanadoo

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18 Juillet 2006 19:44:17

I'd like to know how I have to config my router (Zyxel HW-650 Wireless) in order to use it with Wanadoo.
They are going to offer me a modem with my new Adsl conexion but I prefer my router, but I don't know what's the parameters: IPs, DNS, user@xxx, passs I've to use, etc.
They've told me I must pay 1 Euro for the modem but I don't like it. Obviously its better my router.

I'll be grateful if you can help my.
I expect my router (from Telefonica in Spain) can work with Wanodoo.

Thanks in advance,
merci beacoup (vous pouvez me repondre en francais si vous voulez),


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a b 2 Internet
18 Juillet 2006 19:55:00

wanadoo may give you your identifiants...
IP: auto-attribued (dhcp)
18 Juillet 2006 20:31:01

Ok, thank you four your information,
but what's the user you usually put in your router?
Is it specific for each user?

I told you it because in Spain with Telefonica all users use common parameters, i.e.:

ISP Parameters for Internet Access

Service name: internet
User name: adslppp@telefonicanetpa
Password: adslppp

Maybe with Wanadoo is in this way, I don't know,

thanks again.
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