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comtrend ct 633 low id club-internet

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12 Mai 2005 16:43:10

bonjour a tous gros problem a vec mon modem comtrend ct 633 je narive pas a le regler pour avoir un high id sur emule pouvait mindiquer toute la manip a suivre alors que je lai brancher en ethernet et que je suis brnahcer en ip automatique merci davance car je ny comprends pas grand chose a totu ca merci a tous !!!!! :-D

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24 Mai 2005 15:36:04


Ce n'est pas très compliqué. J'ai envoyé la procédure à eMule et à Club Internet (le support CI oit pouvoir te la renvoyer).

En fait, il suffit de dire au routeur de transférer directement les deux ports utilisés par eMule directement sur ton ordinateur.

Je te mets une copie, sachant que le texte est en anglais mais pas très compliqué. Apprament, les images ne passent pas. Envoyer un email au support CI en leur indiquant mon numéro d'incident ([406560-1116022405]).





This is based on ZoneAlarm, free version, first quarter of 2005.

Modem used is CommTrend CT-633, provided by Club Internet (subsidiary of T-Online/Deustche Telecom), and is VoIP compliant modem-router. It is provided with four 10-100 Mbps Ethernet connections, one USB port and one 802.11g WiFi card.

eMule version is 0.46a.


Standard connection will be established automatically, but will be detected as "through a firewall", and will allocate a Low ID. To avoid any problem, with have to allow TCP and UDP port to directly reach eMule. You need four steps for this purpose:
Use a fixed IP address for your eMule computer (because the CommTrend modem is based on IP addresses, not on physical adapter ones),
Allow UDP packets to cross ZoneAlarm without being blocked,
Change eMule setup according to your wish (optionnal),
Tell the modem to specifically process the traffic to eMule.


According to the CommTrend setup, and to the connection mode you use, you will be assigned an IP address starting with (default setting):
192.168.1.xxx for the Ethernet connection,
192.168.2.yyy for the USB one,
192.168.3.xxx for the WiFi one.
The modem itself with be known as, or and will be the gateway and the DNS. Also, the DHCP setting only keeps adresses up to 24.

(We will assume that an Ethernet connection is used. Clever reader will probably be able to change 192.168.1 into 192.168.2 or 192.168.3, when necessary.)

This information can be checked by connecting to the modem (default is - refer to the documentation for login and password, using a Web Browser), and displaying the Advanced - DHCP section. Also, note the DNS2 IP address for future use.

Because I want to get a fixed IP address, I will choose a free one and put it in the operating system (Windows XP Pro, for instance). On my area, I have used for the main computer.

The default setup requires the DHCP server to provide the IP address for the system. So, I have to select the proper connection, then access the Properties for this connection, then access the Properties for the TCP/IP protocol:

On this second window, I request the system not to use the DHCP by selecting "Use following IP address". Of course, I indicate the choosen IP address, the subnet mask and the default gateway (the modem). When not using the DHCP, the DNS addresses must also be specified: The first one is the modem, the second one was found in the DNS2 column.

Confirm with OK, add some suggar, shake well, desactivate/activate/reboot according to your preferences.


In free version of ZoneAlarm, UDP packets will be blocked in High protection level. So, we have to reduce the protection level, on the Internet zone, to Medium. To do so, please start ZoneAlarm, Select Firewall menu, General tab and use the Mouse or the Arrow key to change the level:

Note: No validation is required for this setting.

Failing to change this level will automatically lead to an invalid UDP test in eMule.


Now, we have to setup the modem according to the eMule preferences. Open the Preferences window, and go to the Connection sub-menu. Select the TCP and UDP port you wish (TCP 4662 and UDP 4672 are the default ones), in the Client port section.

After having reported these value in the Modem, you may come back to the same window and use the Test button to check the setting.


Using the Big Browser (wich is Watching You), reconnect to the modem ( and go to the Basic - NAT Port Redirect section.
Using the Add button, request the modem to transfer TCP packets arriving on public port 4662 to be transferred to the fixed IP address, on the same port. Apply the change.
Do the same for the UDP ones arriving on port 4672.

Save the settings and Reboot the modem.

Go back to eMule and check that everything is correct:
In the Preferences, the test should be correct on both TCP and UDP packets,
The eD2K connection should be with a High ID,
The Kad one should not specify any firewall.
Note that I was not able to reach the eMule Web interface, probably due to a Remote Access Permission problem. I will keep informed later…

Have fun and enjoy it.

Courtesy Jean-Dominique Delyon, Annecy, France, Europe, World, Sun System, Milky Way, Somewhere.

Downloading content protected by a Copyright is illegal, unless you own a valid licence.



29 Mai 2005 22:37:54

ca a beau ne aps etre compliqué mais moi je n'y comprends rien et je suis prète à faire bcp pour que mon emul refonctionne comme avant que j'ai le comtrend ct 633 que faire......
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4 Juin 2005 20:01:07


J'ai, depuis, fait la traduction.

Va regarder sur http://www.delyon.net/eMule

Je reste à ta disposition pour plus d'informations, en cas de besoin. Tu trouveras un lien vers mon email sur la page ci-dessus.

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