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Prix adresse ip

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27 Mai 2005 23:00:36

Je m'interesse au différentes technologies d'internet et je cherche un site indiquant les prix :
Des adresses ip ou d'une plage d'adresse ip de classe A,B,C,D.


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28 Mai 2005 13:14:35

Il n'y a que de la documentation!
Je n'ai trouver aucun prix
28 Mai 2005 21:54:17

Extrait de FAQ

Can I buy IP addresses from the RIPE NCC?

In short: No. IP addresses are a shared public resource and are not for sale. Effective management of this resource is vital to maintain the ongoing health of the Internet. If you obtain IP addresses from the RIPE NCC, then you will have the right to continue using those addresses provided that you use them in accordance with the RIPE NCC's allocation and assignment policies and provided that your membership remains current (or, in the case of non-members, that you continue to pay the required maintenance fees).

More information can be found in the RIPE Document 'IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment Policies in the RIPE NCC Service Region' located at:

How much do IP addresses cost?

The RIPE NCC does not sell IP addresses. Use of IP addresses is subject to membership fees being paid and renewed. For more details see the current version of the RIPE document "RIPE NCC Billing Procedure and Fee Schedule" at:
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