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USBC(je virus

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14 Octobre 2010 20:51:08

While copying 2 large folders from a thumb drive into my desktop's hard disk. After copying, noticed that the desktop nortorn 360 Version 2010 detected recycled.scr

Check the Desktop's hard disk found a folder with some files being copied.
Check the thumb drive found that all files and folders were missing and replaced with two files (details as below)

1st file - without name only a symbol with one large and on small gears, file type: system file, file size: 558,144KB
2nd file - filename: USBC(je. , file type: file , file size: 688,1288KB

Note: This is not first time my desktop norton 360 version 2010 reported the recycled.scr , it happens very often especially after removing the thumb drive from the desktop. Each time it will just quarantine it.

Thank you
Alex Teo

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14 Octobre 2010 21:41:05


you are on a french forum ...

I think it's better for you to go on this english security forum for your problem > http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/

good luck ! ...



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