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Le pilote atikmdag ne répondait plus et à été récupéré => Help!

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9 Septembre 2007 13:27:09

Bonjour à tous. Il y a quelques jours j'ai acheté un ordinateur portable Asus F5VL, mais j'ai un problème avec ma carte graphique ati mobility x2300. J'ai windows Vista. J'ai le message suivant qui apparait "Le pilote d'affichage atikmdag ne répondait plus et à été récupéré". J'ai essayé toute les mises à jour possible et les autres versions... Mais rien n'y fait... Quelqu'un pourrait-il m'aider s.v.p.?

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9 Septembre 2007 13:56:23

Personne ne sait ce qui pourrait causer le problème?
22 Septembre 2007 00:54:22

Hello. Sorry... I don't speak French.... (well, I understood your message because I used online-translator ha ha..)
But I have the same problem as you, but my computer is an Acer Travelmate 5720G-602G25Mi. It has got an ATI Radeon mobile X2500... And I am overwhelmed because this problem.

When I use the Windows Vista in mode "aero", I can´t work too much time without obtaining this message. It´s very very strange, and I think it´s a driver problem (Vista + ATI).

Disconnecting modo Aero can help (the message doesn´t appear since I did it...) only one time, but at that moment I was doing a lot of things at the same time, and it could overload the system....

BUT WE ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE... I could see many descriptions of the same problem in forums of Germany and Italy (and I am from Spain), in acer travelmate 5720 and others models and manufacturers ... The problem presents everytime in windows vista and ATI radeon mobile (X2300.... X2500...) so I think it´s tied to this graphics-hardware working in a Vista sytem WITH the "aero" visualization activated....

But if you read this advertisement of ATI....


....ajamm... there are others cards......it´s surprising, isn´t it?

and it isn´t the worse thing... ATI DOES NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE NOTEBOOKS GRAPHICS DRIVERS!!! you can read it here:


So... if ATI doesn´t make the fine driver ... ASUS, or ACER... MUST MAKE THE DRIVER.... I suppose

Well, at last, the problem seems to be recent (only in notebooks released in August and September of 2007) so I HOPE THAT Acer (or Asus, or BILL GATES -I DREAM WITH YOU DUDEEEE- GRRRR) makes something PROMPT with this BIG BIG shit...

And it isn´t all. This is the second notebook I have got (the first was returned to the shop because we thought that it was broken -it has the same awesome problem-...) and you can see... I was in an error
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