Akimbot 2.9, des bots compatibles CS 1.6 !

Les premiers bots non officiels font leur apparition sur CS 1.6, en attendant les bots de Valve les joueurs peuvent patientez avec les Akimbot. Lisez la suite pour savoir comment les installer...

Télécharger Akimbot 3.1 (MAJ) (339 ko)

Source : Le site officiel via Vossey.com


* Added support for Counter Strike 1.6 (STEAM)
- Bots will buy the new guns
- Bots will buy and use the shield
* General fixes/upgrades
- Fixed dedicated server support (finally?)

How to manualy install the Akimbot in CS Steam :
1. Unzip akimbotXXX.zip to a temp folder.
2. Open the old cstrike folder (c:\half-life\cstrike for ex.) and locate a file called liblist.gam.
3. Open your CS Steam folder (usualy c:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\\counter-strike\cstrike).
4. Copy the file from step #2 into the CS Steam folder - if there`s no such file there.
5. Edit liblist.gam (in notepad) and change a line that starts with 'gamedll'
like this:
if the line reads: gamedll "dlls\mp.dll" (or similar)
change it to: gamedll "dlls\akimbot.dll"
4. copy Akimbot.dll to the CS Steam`s \dlls folder.
5. create a maps folder in the CS Steam folder (if there isn`t one)
and copy you awp files there.
6. copy the txt files (names, etc.) to the CS Steam.

Console commands
* addbot - will add 1 bot to the game, random team.
* addbot 1 - will add 1 terrorist bot.
* addbot 2 - will add 1 counter-terrorist bot.
* bot_shield_percent x - will set the chance that the bots will buy the shield.
x is a number from 0 to 100.
set to 100 to force all CT bots to buy shields.
* akimbot addbot - will add a bot in dedicated server mode.
* akimbot addt - will add a terrorist bot in dedicated server mode.
* akimbot addct - will add a counter-terrorist bot in dedicated server mode.
* akimbot endround - will kill all living bots in dedicated server mode.
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