DC++ 0.231

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-- 0.231 2003-02-04 --
* Minor speedup in the string tokenizer (silly...)
* Fixed missing search results when searching without type (fix also provides a tiny speedup when being searched)
* Fixed a silly assertion fault in the debug build
* Fixed the single file move crash (together with "wrong file moved", same bug)
* Fixed so that a user won't be granted a slot when using a "free" slot if disconnected because of the
autodisconnect feature (thanks Todd Pederzani)
* The tab control now supports more than one row
* In the tab chevron menu, those windows that have updated (that would have been bold) now have a dot
* The download queue tab now goes bold if something about the queue has updated (download finished/added/failed/etc)
* The message edit box in the hub and pm windows now uses the font selected in the settings
* The finished files frame now goes bold when new items are finished
* Fixed some of the problems when not viewing the directory tree in the queue. There might be some bugs left tho,
haven't tested...
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  • hot_sauce
    je lé deja installer on di kil é pa mal.
    Gpartager une partie de mon diske dur (8 G) pr pouvoir être accepté par lé autre mé il me fé tjrs 0b partagé??????????:§§§§§§§§§§§§!!
    je c pa pq????
    gé suivit ts lé étape de la configuration.
    qui peu m'aider??
    merci 8-)