DC++ 0.251

Infos-du-Net.comUne nouvelle version du client Direct Connect est disponible. Je rapelle que le reseau Direct Connect est plutôt pour les utilisateurs experimentés et qui possède beaucoup de fichiers a partagés. Lisez la suite pour consulter la liste des changements.

Télécharger DC++ 0.251 (1.83 mo) @ sourceforge.net

Source : Le site officiel du projet DC++

-- 0.251 2003-05-28 --
* Fixed 100% cpu bug in new search (thanks opera)
* Fixed a bug with queue selection counts (thanks sed)
* Fixed a problem with percents not being escaped correctly in user commands (thanks sed)
* Added so that you can use time formatting in the away message (%Y, %m ...) (thanks vladimir marko)
* Added %[file] to search frame user commands (that becomes the current filename) (thanks sarf)
* Fixed some of the vc6 compile errors/warnings
* ADLSearch: now accepts %[nick] (see help)

-- 0.25 2003-05-20 --
* Implemented a faster substring search algorithm for share and file listing searches (the QuickSearch variant of
the Boyer-Moore)
* User commands now work from search as well
* Fixed a major bug where queue items without sources were not loaded from disk on restart
* Fixed slow favorites opening / excessive saving (thanks todd pederzani)
* Large speedup in file listing search (QuickSearch + unnecessary processing added earlier removed)
* Added selection size info to queue frame (same as file listing)
* Fixed some crashes when closing windows (and perhaps added some new ones...)

ADLSearch: (by Henrik Engström)
* Keyboard shortcuts.
* Context menu (back again).
* Removed 'Active' column and made it a check box.
* Unified button texts to the rest of DC++.
* Fixed bug with multiple destination directories, some search results only ended up in the first of multiples.

* Memory savings for users with many files in share
* Hyperthreading / multicpu users, try again and report back if it works
* Fixed %[hub] in upload log
* Some code cleanup
* Fix for buggy HTTP servers sending Content-Length with wrong case (thanks sandos)
* Added link to change log in help menu (thanks todd)
* Fixed link to faq (thanks todd)
* Fixed public hub list mouse clicks and reopening (thanks todd)
* Fixed so that "3/4 users offline" can be translated to polish
* Fixed tabbing in search frame
* Added option for not downloading zero-byte files
* Added handling for dchub:// in main chat (opens the hub)
* Fixed a bug with strange nicks causing problems with file list opening
* Fixed a bug with orphaned file lists
* Fixed a bug with socks5 password length (thanks dwomac)
* Double-clicking text selects the word (as in old versions, thanks todd pederzani)
* Directories are no longer returned for "at least" searches with bytes > 0 (i e directory size is assumed 0)
* Fixed another issue with accesses to invalid drive letters (thanks sarf)
* Holding shift during startup (when the main window shows) will disable autoconnecting to hubs
* Fixed user description saving and updating (thanks todd)
* Large files are now moved in a separate thread to avoid losing connection while moving (if using temporary download dir)
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