DC++ 0.262

Infos-du-Net.comPetit mise à jour pour le client open source Direct Connect, lisez la suite pour consulter la liste des changements...

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Source : Le site officiel du projet DC++

-- 0.262 2003-09-24 --
* Added arrows and tri-state sorting (thanks saurod)
* Fixed a crash with certain queues when opening queue frame
* Fixed a bug in the search frame not setting b/kB/MB correctly when searching for alternates
* Fixed bad loading of menu translations
* Fixed tag not being removed when someone turns it off
* Added connection flooding protection
* Fixed a bug with file extension being cut off when moving files in certain windows setups (I think, not tested)
* Small fix to ip detect code (thanks fusbar)
* Fixed a file read crash
* Fixed so that DC++ correctly returns hub port in search results (thanks sed)
* Now correctly reacts to multiple $Hello's with own nick
* When moving items in the fav lists, items are scrolled into view if moved outside the window
* Added "View as text file" option when downloading files (only shows the first 32k though...)
* Made it possible to compile using the stl supplied in msvc 7.x, it's untested though, and I won't maintain it
(I just wanted to see if it works)
* Already existing files are prioritised when queueing
* Changed so that files are downloaded in alphabetical order when first added (this makes opening large user file
lists a little bit slower)
* Upgraded to STLPort 4.5.0725 (should be compatible with msvc 7.1)
* Fixed right-click menu in hub frame when the username comes last on a line (thanks sed)
* Added stored password sent notification when connecting to favorite hubs
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