DC++ 0.300

Infos-du-Net.comUne nouvelle version du logiciel peer to peer direct connect est disponible. DC++ est pour Direct Connect ce qu'est eMule pour Edonkey, un client modifié en open source plus simple d'utilisation et plus clair. Lisez la suite pour consulter la liste des changements...

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Télécharger DC++ 0.300 (2.09 Mo) @ sourceforge.net

Source : Mon DC++ au lancement :)

Release Name: 0.300


* ---- IMPORTANT ----
Security update, upgrade unless you want to risk losing files anywhere
on your hd (this is for all versions prior to this one) (thanks fusbar for bringing
it to my attention)
---- IMPORTANT ----
* Some code cleanup
* Added vertical tiling of windows
* Nick and password are now taken from favorite hubs on redirect (thanks saurod)
* Fixed a case sensitivity bug in favorite hubs (thanks saurod)
* Locale formatting of exact size in search (thanks saurod)
* Fixed a bug where directories were not correctly returned (thanks saurod)
* Replaced the tab control in the settings with a tree, expect many more settings soon
* Fixed a bug when changing priorities from paused
* Reduced transfer view flicker somewhat when sorted by status
* Reconnect time is randomized a little to reduce stress on hub when everyone reconnects
* Small i18n fix in uploads settings (thanks atomicjo)
* Numbers only on search size box (thanks atomicjo)
* Delete multiple favorite users (thanks gargoyle)
* Autocomplete turned off when using shift-tab (to tab between the windows instead)
(thanks gargoyle)
* Small fixes (thanks gargoyle)
* Toolbar updates (thanks gargoyle)
* Speeded up match queue a lot (I mean a _lot_)
* Added a network statistics view
* Added tab-specific context menus
* Added support for hub $Supports
* Added hub-sent usercommands
* Usercommands changed to raw in save file
* New %[ parameters in user commands
* & is used to escape the & in chat (currently only escapes when really necessary, i e
| or $ escape is used)
* Added "Match Queue" to various right-click menus
* Internationalised settings (thanks gargoyle)
* Fixed finished frame lockups
* Moved to Visual Studio 7.1, 7.0 project files are available, but won't be maintained...
* Own icon always set to blue (DC++) (thanks atomicjo)
* Edges around the settings (thanks opera)
* Fixed right-click issue in the hub frame (thanks bzbetty)
* Fixed a problem with detecting protocol extensions
* Updates to the queue frame (bugs fixed and smarter when using with multiple drives)
* Fixes to zblock sends (thanks sandos)
* Links are opened in a new browser window
* New STLPort again (4.5-1020)
* Increased some buffer sizes to increase high-speed transfer performance
* Added tooltip to hub window status bar that shows last 5 status lines
* /-commands that don't exist are now sent to the hub
* Added /pm
* Added /g to search Google
* Added /imdb to search imdb
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  • Tony_Montana@IDN
    Trop bon mon P2P favoris ! merci Antipika :-p
  • Mali_Ubica
    lu ,je n'arrive pas a le faire marcher , il fait que de ce connecter et deconnecter d'un server ! est-ce que ca telecharge bien ? ;)juste pour savoir merci
  • nirvana@IDN
    la nouvelle version de DC++0.311 est disponible