DC++ 0.305

Infos-du-Net.comLe client peer to peer DC++ vient de sotir dans une nouvelle version. Celle-ci apporte quelques fonctions ajoutées ainsi que tout un tas de bugs et problèmes corrigés.

Plus d'informations sur ce client peer to peer sur le site officiel
Téléchargement de DC++ 0.305 (2.03 Mo) @ sf.net

Source : FileForum

Liste des changements:
* Fixed disappearing queue items bug
* Fixed displaying of upload compression in progress bar
* Added compression ratio column and %[actualsize] and %[actualsizeshort] to log formats available
* Fixed doubled name when downloading directories from search frame
* Fixed a mem leak for safe transfers
* Fixed a crash during downloads
* Fixed speed problems with user list
* Added "open download directory" to file and tray menu
* Shift-clicking tab will close window (thanks twink)
* Added support for $UserIP, %[ip] as user command parameter and server side ip detection (automatically used
if the ip field in settings is blank)
* Transfer bar colors updated and user-configurable (thanks gargoyle)
* Fixed possibility to share same folder twice (thanks theparaniodone)
* Fixed translations of kick & redirect user
* Fixed missing subdirs when moving directories in the queue
* Really fixed hublist space trimming =)
* Added ".wmv" and ".ogm" as video extensions
* Fixed some issues with same-named fav users
* Fixed small mem leak in fav users
* Max download slots default changed to 3
* Max 3 slots more than max download slots are used for highest priority downloads
* Added option to automatically download filelist and match it on autosearch match. This will dramatically speed up
autosearching, lessening the strain on the hubs as less searches have to be done.
* Added accelerator for filtering in public hubs (thanks gargoyle)
* Fixed some translations (thanks ciber)
* Added "downloaded bytes" to queue (thanks ciber)
* Fixed refresh file list from main menu
* Switched user and filename column in search frame so that the image will be attached to the correct column (thanks
* A few message boxes updated (thanks gargoyle)
* Added supports NoHello, a hub bandwidth easing feature for the hubs that support it
* Fixed a problem with matched list downloads not starting
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  • sophief
    Ils vont nous en sortir une tous les 15 jours ou quoi ? :-x
  • xbox
    Tant qu'ils continuent a corriger des bugs...
  • Antipika
    On ta pas forcer a la télécharger sophief, c'est mieux de sortir tout les 15 jours et de update quand on a envie, que de sortir tout les 6 mois .