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Infos-du-Net.comAprès deux betas, la version finale de Download Express 1.5 vient de sortir. Celle-ci apporte plusieurs nouveautés, des bugs fixés ...

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Version 1.5
- Fixed problem with incorrect reporting of Apache server file size
- Fixed problem with download from some FTP servers
- Fixed problem with several copies of Projects List on slow computers
- Improved Project editing
- Improved the installation on multi-user Windows
- Added Arabic language support, thanks to Awadh A Al-Ghaamdi

Version 1.5 Beta 2
- Improved Projects List status display
- Fixed problem with broken files after auto shutdown
- Fixed the Projects List resources leak
- Improved the logic of adding massive Projects

Version 1.5 Beta 1
- Added the ability to select several Projects in the Projects List
- Added Edit project dialog
- Added file type detection to Save As dialog
- Added ability to restart the thread line from the Progress view
- Added Hang-Up and Shutdown warning when closing Projects List
- Added Elapsed time Info display upon completion
- Now stores the Download Express main window position for future positioning
- Improved user interface.
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