eMule 0.25a

Infos-du-Net.comUne nouvelle version d'eMule est disponible en téléchargement, une multitude de nouveautés a été ajoutée dans cette version 0.25a, lire la suite pour la liste des changements.

Télécharger eMule 0.25a (Setup) (2.35 mo)
Télécharger eMule 0.25a (ZIP) (0.86 mo) @ sourceforge.net

Source : www.emule-project.net

Changelog :

Unk: Fix for sources being left behind when a file completes causing crashes.
Unk: Fix hash warning when a file is less then one chunk.
Unk: Made some changes to the download list.
Ornis: Handling doubleclicks on trayicon safer in respect to other apps in the systray [thx to reCDVst]
Ornis: Basic command line control:
-emule.exe ( connect | disconnect | resume | status | exit v)
-status: writes the status to file "status.log"
-resume: resumes next paused file
Ornis: the sort of Downloadlist by status is now using better order than alphabetically
Ornis: Statistics colorselection by colorpicker
Unk: You now have an idea of the bandwidth overhead eMule uses..
Ornis: Search now includes minsizes, maxsizes, extension, availability (thanks to Juanjo)
Ornis: language depended date/time-format is now updated during runtime when switching language
Ornis: Help-file access (FAQ-conversion). Avaiable in the download-section and already in the installer version.
Ornis: all statstics of shared files now handle >4GB
Ozon: Rewrote the hash thread code...
-Changes: Now using worker threads instead of user interface threads; less overhead when creating threads.
-Uses one thread for all new shared files that needs to be hashed instead of one thread for each file.
-Cleans up the thread and associated objects if the user terminates the app when the thread is running.
-Hopefully removed freezes in the GUI when single parts was hashed...
-Some variable renaming.
-And some other changes...
Unk: Source asked count was nonfunctional. Fixed.
Unk: All lists now are initialized on a timer to help with win98 compatabilities.. Partially modified patch from Lucus.
Sony: Search is now canceled when closing the active search tab; added support for Blindwrite, Alcohol 120% (CD Images) and flac (Audio) extensions
Barry: When reading staticservers.dat file and looking for priority, only accept comma if it is in second position, try to avoid finding comma in server name.
Barry: When changing priority of a static server, also need to update staticservers.dat file.
Ozon: Added version tag to preferences.ini, to help with compability. Backup of old file and creating a fresh new file for every new version, thereby deleting old and unused tags.
Unk: Wizard now auto detects OS version.
Unk: Sources now show if their queue is full.
Unk: Fixed a sort issue in the upload queue when the file a client wanted wasn't known yet.
Dirus: We no longer ask for sources from clients that don't support it.
Dirus: Increased compatibility between clients (and future potential clients) by using special tags instead of version numbers.
Unk: Minimize to tray button added [thanks to Zegzav]
Unk: Old MLDonkey clients are now identified. (Some code by Mav)
Unk: Option that allows the client to try to upload based on finishing chunks, not time.. [VQB]
Ornis: Corrected display of "&" on some places
Ornis: Bugfix: Filedetails now closeable by ESC and Titlebar-Closebutton
Unk: Option to auto resume files when a file Completes or is Canceled. (This is meant to work in conjunction with "Added option to start new files from link or search etc. in paused mode". )
-Saving received data without delay. When requesting files it now asks only for what is needed, not in 180k blocks. Compressed packets are now unzipped as they arrive and written to disk instead of waiting for full block.
-Write buffer:Writing to files is now buffered on a per file basis.The part file is flushed to disk when the buffer reaches 500k or 5 seconds since last flush. (Some code modified)
-Added option to auto-connect only to static servers.
-Added priorities to servers in staticservers.met (Modified for backward compatibiity)
-Option to change manually added servers to high.
-Option to refresh upload queue every 30 seconds.
-Automatically stores the last sort order of list views.
-Changed download list colour bar to show part downloading from client and part(s) pending in different yellows.
-Changed colour gradient to variable strength - level can be set in preferences (General)
-Give priority to part currently being downloaded when requesting next blocks.
-Changed priority order for parts of archives & movies as follows
--first (Optional)
--last (Optional)
--rarest, with priority to second then penultimate parts if same rarity
-Added preview for archives (zip, rar)
-Enable preview when only first and last parts are complete, not first and last two
-Fixed bug that caused corrupt preview file if part wrote to disk during preview file copy.
-Fixed bug that did not tell remote client to stop sending file when it was cancelled.
-Don't run the normal timer processing if the app is shutting down - can cause unhandled exceptions.
-Added option to start new files from link or search etc. in paused mode.
-Added option to automatically set the registry values for ed2k-links to this application while running, then set them back when finished.
Ornis: merged fix for better handling of loading corrupt partfiles (gaplist) [from SlugFiller]
Unk: If you cancel a download, everyone queued for that file will be removed from the queue when the next upload slot is freed.
Unk: Support to upload to mutliple clients within a network. (Ie, clients with same IP, different ports) (Reported by Lord KiRon)
Unk: Option to download preview chunks first. (Leaving this option off helps spread files faster.)
Dirus: Fixed sorting by percent complete bug which caused the list to stay unsorted until all status bars had been drawn.
Unk: Small gui preference gui fix. General is no longer defaulted as the title in the preference window.
Unk: Small gui fix in download list. QR is now adjusted when you begin to download from that source.
Unk: Irc: ed2k file links with source attached now clickable.
Unk: LowID2LowID and NoNeededPart sources are slowly removed in the hopes of getting a better source. These sources are only removed when that file is close to it's max sources to prevent sources from being removed or added over and over. Also, if this souce is a AskedForAnotherFile source for another file, it is switched to it.
Unk: Set up a verbose mode. This is for you people that like to watch useless info. Do Not Report Errors You See In This Window!
Dirus: Fixed finding yourself as source bug (at last).
Dirus: Added a check for fake versions to the program version statistics.
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