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Infos-du-Net.comUne nouvelle version du client edonkey en open source Emule (que l'on ne présente plus) est disponible ;). Lisez la suite pour consulter la liste des changements.

Télécharger eMule 0.29a (ZIP) (1.14 mo) @ sourceforge.net
Télécharger eMule 0.29a (Setup) (3.30 mo) @ sourceforge.net

Source : Le site officiel de l'éditeur

- June 2st, 2003 -
Ornis: fixed Win9x incompatibility (instable OS)
Ornis: some menues missed localization after runtime language change - fixed

- June 1st, 2003 -
bluecow: Sources found during local/global server searching are pre-filtered to avoid false displayed results in the sources column of the searchlist and to avoid using false sources which are sent by some servers.
bluecow: Fixed bug with completed files which were rehashed at next startup and which caused a duplicate entry in known.met.

- May 31th, 2003 -
bluecow: Fixed minor issue with servers sending different server description packets during runtime.

- May 29th, 2003 -
bluecow: Fixed bug with temp folder which was set to incoming folder in some situations.
bluecow: Fixed minor bugs in file open and browse folder dialogs and according property pages.
Ornis: Shareaza recognition for Stats & Info
Ornis: added new language Galician (by Emilio)

- May 28th, 2003 -
bluecow: Fixed memory leaks in uploader.
bluecow: Fixed memory leaks in all timer callback functions; added exception handling.
bluecow: Reduced GDI resource usage for Win9x/WinME.
bluecow: Added more debug log messages for unknown TCP packets.
bluecow: Statusbar text is cleared when reseting the log or debug log.
bluecow: Fixed missing file exception handler in upload function.

- May 27th, 2003 -
bluecow: Fixed some problems with part.met/part files which could be to long or to small (potential file-completion bug) [SlugFiller]
bluecow: Fixed memory leaks in Archive Recovery thread.
bluecow: Fixed crash in Archive Recovery thread when previewing part files which are currently in "completing" state.

- May 26th, 2003 -
Ornis: Webinterface: Fix: under certain circumstances, active downloads were displayed as completed
Ornis: added new language Galician (by Emilio)
bluecow: Fixed major memory leaks in WebSocket.
bluecow: Fixed couple of GDI resource leaks and inproper usage of GDI resources.
bluecow: Added proxy error messages. To enable it: Specify "ShowErrors=1" in "[Proxy]" section of preferences.ini.
bluecow: Fixed problems with duplicate sources due to source exchange packets with wrong version.
bluecow: More reliable identification of clients sending an UDP packet by searching clients with IP and UDP port

- May 24th, 2003 -
Ornis: moved preferences files to "config\" subfolder (cant be shared, old preferences files are moved the at first start)
Ornis: Category-Tabs now sortable (Drag&Drop)

- May 21th, 2003 -
VQB: changed LowID UL slot addition to alternate with HighID
VQB: some code cleanup and changes to use more integer math [Elandal]
Ornis:Webinterface: progressbar shows shades of blue, depending on the amount of found part-sources [Ju1i3n]
VQB: adjusted sort order for QR (high speed -> low speed DL followed by low -> high QR)

- May 19th, 2003 -
Ornis: Webinterface: fix add ed2k-Download to a category
Ornis: Webinterface: transferlist offers more categories to filter for (file type, status)
Ornis: update statistic graphs scale when changing up/down capacities over the webinterface
Ornis: upgraded AsyncSocketEx to v1.2
bluecow: Fixed potential problems for Win98 concering windows messaging.

- May 17th, 2003 -
bluecow: Fixed bug in server window when sorting by server IP
bluecow: Fixed 0-size part.met backup file bug.
bluecow: Fixed potential mem leaks and crashes for several met-file IO related functions by rewriting exception handling.
bluecow: Added system error messages for all file-IO related eMule log messages.
bluecow: Added recently used list for search text and servemet-URL controls (aka autocompletion), reset history by AltGr+Delete)
bluecow: Added searching for listviews in serverwindow/searchwindow (Ctrl+F,F3,Shift+F3)
Ornis: fixed win9x-crash when the view-filter popupmenu of the category-tab was accessed
Ornis: fixed preview of archives before any download
Unk: Fix small overhead bug
Unk: irc: Liquid updated their ircd. It broke eMules IRC.. It is now updated..
Unk: irc: eMule now should support multi mode commands.

- May 16th, 2003 -
bluecow: Fixed potential mem leak when copying text into the Windows clipboard.
Ornis: Added a lot of new statistics (by Khaos)
Ornis: fixed Scheduler bug
Ornis: Added configuration for date/time-format of the log

- May 15th, 2003 -
bluecow: Fixed LowID bug which was cause due to corrupted part.met files.
bluecow: Fixed loading of part.met file list: Corrupted part.met files do no longer stop the loading of other part.met files.
Sony: Fixed problem with very large files in MSVC 7.1 release build; Fixed Minimize to Tray icon (thanks zegzav)
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