eMule 0.29b

Infos-du-Net.comNouvelle version d'eMule disponible au téléchargement, à première vue, il y a pas mal de bugs corrigés mais on notera tout de même le filtre pour lutter contre le spam ainsi qu'un nouveau système d'identification basé sur le cryptage RSA.

Télécharger eMule 0.29b

Source : eMule-Project

Nouveautés :

bluecow: Dragstart of category-tabs not hypersensible anymore
Unk: Irc: Now detects UnderOps.
Unk: Desc ping to servers are now done less frequent.
Unk: Fixed a bug in the server ping time delays.
Unk: Fixed a small bug in the stats.
Ornis:Speedmeasurement tweaked [zz]
bluecow: Fixed bug with an deleted client instance which was used for the A4AF statistics value.
bluecow: Redid Ext. Settings dialog for more future options.
Ornis: Webinterface: Links are relative now
Ornis: improved UNC usage as shared folders
Ornis: Fixed known.met to be handled correctly in the config-folder
Ornis: better handling of the check which files to hash
.: Added a secure identification system (against userhash 'stealing') based on RSA encryption.
For test reasons, it is disabled by default in this version, you can enable it in 'security settings'. Please check the FAQ for more informations about this system
.: Added first part of an advanced spamfilter which automatically detects and filters suspicious messages
Ornis: Webinterface: Improved Graphs, bigger, nicer, including the connection-graph [emule+]
Ornis: Webinterface: added button to remove completed files
Ornis: Sharedfileslist: Click with middle mouse button on an item opens the comment dialog of it
bluecow: Implemented ed2k protocol message OP_CHANGE_CLIENT_ID for better dealing with LowID sources.
bluecow: Fixed several issues in dealing with uninitialized memory contents [donq]
bluecow: Fixed problem with wrong file IDs received from clients.
bluecow: Workaround for strange socket deletion crashs which were experienced by WinXP users.
bluecow: Fixed several potential heap corruptions.
bluecow: Fixed problems with download data rate meassurement which may cause crashs on slower/Win98 systems.
bluecow: Fixed problem with processing an invalid OP_HELLO packet from a client.
bluecow: Added option 'CommitFiles' to select the level of commiting file data to disk (may be interesting for Win98 users) [idea SlugFiller]
bluecow: For modders only: Added the possibility to compile the sources for string based resource string identifiers (search for USE_STRING_IDS)
bluecow: Fixed bug in server message handler for OP_SERVERIDENT.
bluecow: More safety in handling server message OP_SERVERMESSAGE and client message OP_MESSAGE.
Ornis: saving location for own comments corrected (config-path)
Ornis: Webinterface: Categorysupport corrected for order by columns
bluecow: Fixed a potential problem with system tray icon on Win98 systems [Special thx to Ergol/donq]
bluecow: Reduced size of search expression
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  • sebsamere
    Quand yaura til une version eMule-plus de cette eMule0.29b la ?silvouplai bien sur :-D :-D :-D
  • mumiji
    voila ca peut paraitre con comme question mais jai un prob avec la version 0.3a d'emule jarrive pas a me conecter sur un serveur pasq'il me mettent que j'ai un lowid et que c'est une violation du protocol chai po koi....
    si qqlun pourrait me dire c koi et comment y remedier ca serait sympa!!! :-D
    merci d'avance!!
  • sato_70

    j'ai mon reseau sur ISA 2006, je desire ouvrir les ports pour Emule sur un pc dedier, pourrait t'on aussi faire que se pc soit sur un ip demilitarise.

    s'il existe un tuto merci de votre aide