eMule 0.30c disponible !

Infos-du-Net.comLa version 0.30c du logiciel P2P (Peer-to-peer) est disponible ! On sait qu'il y'a peu, voir pas du tout de nouveautés, si ce n'est la correction de plusieurs bugs...

Télécharger Emule 0.30c complet (4.48mo) multilanguages : Mirroir 1
Télécharger la mise à jour seulement (1.42 mo) : Mirroir 1

Source : InformaNews

Changelog (en anglais) :

- bluecow: Fixed multi threading problem with a completing file which was concurrently uploaded.
- Ornis: added ability to import partial downloads from Overnet/eDonkey when having used the "old style" format
- bluecow: Fixed potential exploit due to memory corruption in webserver [MoNKi]
- bluecow: Fixed bug with friends where a client without an IP or hash could be added as a friend.
- bluecow: Fixed bug with ed2k URL registry key where path contains special characters.
- bluecow: Fixed GDI resource leaks in video preview dialog.
- Ornis: Import partial downloads from eDonkey/Overnet ("new style"-splitted partfile). - Build-in converter to import downloadfiles from a selected folder to your eMule-downloads right away. (use the Hotmenu Alt+X to access it)
- Ornis: Serverlist highlights the currently connected server
- Ornis: dynamic category tabcontrol size
- Ornis: prevent empty date/time output with faulty preferences.ini
- bluecow: Fixed bug with upload list control which was not refreshed automatically [Xman1+KuSh]
- bluecow: Fixed mouse/keyboard acces bug in HyperText control [MoNKi]
- bluecow: Added keyboard shortcuts to main toolbar.
- bluecow: Fixed bug with server warning messages which were shown as errors.
- bluecow: Fixed bug with random drawn block requests in file progress bars.
- Ornis: set speedlimits to unlimited manually (again)
- bluecow: Changed several resource string loading code to support string based resource identifiers [SlugFiller+itsonlyme]
- bluecow: Added: download links can contain hostname sources, instead of just IP address; You can set your own hostname in preferences, and create eD2K links with sources with your chosen hostname instead of your IP [SlugFiller+itsonlyme]
- bluecow: Added speed improvements made to the bar shader, making it display much faster than before [SlugFiller]
- bluecow: Added code improvements for faster sorting complete sources [SlugFiller]
- bluecow: Added sorting of complete source column in shared files window [SlugFiller]
- bluecow: Fixed visual bug in upload status bar [wistily]
- bluecow: Added check free diskspace option which ensures that complete files can be stored [SlugFiller]
- bluecow: Added check free diskspace option which ensures that a minimum of free diskspace remains available.
- bluecow: Added uncompressing of NTFS compressed files for completed files.
- bluecow: added the long awaited More button to search window for getting more search results from the local server.
- bluecow: rewrote tooltips for transfer window to fix several small glitches.
- bluecow: buffered partfile data is explicitly written to disk before a preview command is invoked.
- bluecow: partfile disk usage is determined with respect to NTFS compression and/or NTFS sparse files.
- Ornis: new translation: Czech, by Patejl
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  • Drik
    on peut chercher plus de sources comme avec Kazaa c'est pas mal comme nouveauté...
  • Elfreeridor
    c ou cette option pour chercher pluss de source?
  • Drik
    C'est quand tu fais une recherche.
    tu fais Recherche puis Plus pour te donner plus de sources.