eMule 0.42c

Infos-du-Net.comUne nouvelle version de eMule, le très célèbre logiciel de P2P vient de sortir, la 0.42c. Plusieurs corrections de bug ont été appportées afin que cette version soit plus et stable.

Lien de téléchargement de eMule 0.42c (3.84 Mo)

Source : Site officiel

Liste des changements:
- Mar 5th, 2004 -
bluecow: Fixed rehashing on change of Daylight Saving Time (DST) [MightyKnife]. To disable this patch, add "AdjustNTFSDaylightFileTime=0" in "[eMule]" section in preferences.ini file.

- Mar 3rd, 2004 -
bluecow: Fixed bug with colors and known-type in searchlist control after files were canceled and/or added/removed from share.
bluecow: Fixed bug with sorting by category in download listview.
Unk: USS will temporarly be limited to a minimum of 10K until we correct a couple issues at lower speeds.

- Mar 2nd, 2004 -
bluecow: Fixed bug in UDP socket with ReaskFilePing which was not answered for files in most cases
bluecow: Fixed bug in IP filter; adjacent ranges with different levels were merged.
Unk: IRC now handles sound events. (/sound [*.wav] [message]) (Sounds are stored in "../eMule/Sounds/IRC" dir)
Unk: Fix KadID bug which created some clusters and reported bad user counts..

- Mar 1st, 2004 -
Unk: Packets for the UDP socket send queue now have a lifetime now to keep from creating a backlog of packets.

- Feb 29th, 2004 -
Ornis: fixed a bug, that resumed 2 (instead of 1) files for the function "start next paused file, when a files completes"
Ornis: correction in the statistics for source-type passive - and several minor GUI fixes
bluecow: fixed invoking the comment page
Ornis: fixed Chicane webinterface template, to be able to start downloads from searchresults
Unk: Fixed a IRC crash bug thanks to reports from several irc ops..
Unk: Fixed the IRC Accept links from friends only option.
Unk: IRC default name gets a pseudo random nick on connect to avoid nick collisions.
Unk: Extra IRC filter options.

- Feb 28th, 2004 -
bluecow: Fixed flaw in exception handling which did not immediatly disconnect a client which sends invalid file data packets.
bluecow: Fixed bug in UDP socket with processing of a received file status.
bluecow: Fixed several flaws in Kad window with connect and bootstrap function/buttons.
Unk: Put back ping info for USS and small adjustment to USS - zz
Unk: Removed some debug info in the upload bars.
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  • vinzZz
    encore une autre version !! allez roule emule !! :-?
  • bosco@idn
    elle est mieux ou pas que la 0.30e ?
  • Anonyme
    Sa ne vaut pas les bonnes versions comme la 30... ;-)