FileZilla 2.2.3

Infos-du-Net.comNouvelle version du très bon client FTP pour Windows, FileZilla. Quelques changements au menu et des bugs corrigés.

Doc sur FileZilla
Téléchager FileZilla 2.2.3 (3.1Mo)
Source : Source Forge

Liste des changements :
- Improved drag&drop, you can now move files and folders to other directories using drag&drop inside the file lists and folder trees.

Bugs fixés :
- Resolved a few directory caching issues
- Creation of drag images no longer uses the built-in windows functions as they don't work properly under Windows XP
- Fixed settings dialog not appearing correctly if running under wine
- Fixed crash if selecting OK on the delete file confirmation dialog after disconnecting / receiving a new directory listing while displaying the dialog
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