Kazaa Lite 2.0

Infos-du-Net.comOn commence a en avoir l'habitude, dès qu'une nouvelle version de Kazaa sort, la version Lite arrive tout de suite après... Regardez la suite pour consulter la liste des changements et nouveautés...

KaZaa Lite 2.0.0 (1.79 mo)

Differences with the original KaZaA:

No Adware
No Spyware
Includes a tool for accelerating downloads (Speed Up version 1.3.1)
Includes the Sig2Dat tool (version 3.11a)
No Kazaa website loaded into the main screen
No pop-ups in KaZaA (when using Supertrick)
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What's New:

Web search: Use standard KMD interface to search the web
Customizable skins: Customize the basic desktop interface
Shared playlists: Create unique shared playlists and search for other KMD users playlists
Improved image handling: More image formats supported
Unlimited bitrates: Higher quality files possible with increased bitrates
Integrity Rating: Files labeled by peers according to technical quality and completeness of meta data to enhance reliability
Participation Level: Frequent KMD users and those who frequently rate files rewarded with higher priority in download queues
Integrated anti-virus protection: Shared folders automatically scanned on startup and after each download
Expanded Help section: Quicker orientation for new users, new tips and tricks for savvy users
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