KaZaA Lite 2.0.2 K++ 2.0.3

Infos-du-Net.comLa version finale du tout dernier k++ vient de sortir, la liste des changements est importante, il est recommandé de passer à cette version :) Lisez la suite pour voir les nouveautés...

Télécharger KaZaa Lite 2.0.2 K++ 2.0.3 édition US (2.53 mo)

What's New:
- More keyboard shortcuts (thanks to Aldo)
- Dat View / AVI Preview / Sig2Dat / My Shared Folder / Help can be accessed from within KaZaA Lite
- Includes Kazap (instead of Speed Up)
- Includes pTrack
- Made more foolproof by renaming kazaa.exe and using a second copy of the K++ loader as kazaa.exe, so no more topsearch.dll error questions from newbies
- Updates can be found and downloaded from mirror.edskes.com
- Button to My Shared Folder replacing a empty button
- Button to KaZaA Lite Tools replacing empty button
- Sig2dat is used again for quicklink because the old tool has a serious bug with multiple hashes in a single quicklink
- Sig2Dat quicklinks will get added to Kazaa Lite download list immediately, no need to restart
- Unreachable sources are no longer stored in the .dat files
- Contains KL Extentions (AutoSearchMore/Tool starter/K++ Config)
- Registry keys are now installed for all users
- Both version 0.21a and 0.20a of AviPreview included, proper one gets installed
- Added option to clear search history when closing Kazaa Lite
- Added option to hide the systray icon
- Improved startup page
- Minor installer improvements
- New icons
- Updated FAQ
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