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Infos-du-Net.comAlors que la version était sortie seulement hier, une nouvelle mise à jour est disponible aujourd'hui... Celui-ci corrige un bug du fichier mbm.dll, qui donnait des données totalement fausses sur les VIA686.
Pour rappel, MBM est un logiciel de monitoring vous permettant de savoir la température de votre CPU, la vitesse de rotation de vos ventilateurs, le voltage, etc...
Vous trouverez la liste des changements à la suite.

Télécharger MBM en anglais (1.91 mo) : Mirroir 1 | Mirroir 2
Pack de language pour mettre en français (475 ko) : Mirroir 1 | Mirroir 2

Source : Site officiel de l'éditeur

Liste des changements (en anglais) :

--> Ajouts :
- Winbond W83647HF (thank you Winbond)
- Increased support for the EPIA boards (VT1211) thank you VIA Germany and
- Configuration wizard, the reason for the increase in size of the d/l
- Special dump on the system info tab used to add your board to the config wizard for other users.
- wm_pause and wm_resume message (see help file advanced - messages)
- Priority function added to the starter.dll
- SetPath function added to the starter.dll in case you plan on running it as a service and it has no access to HKEY_CURRENT_USER in the reg.
- 2nd CPU temp on GA-7DPXDW+ which uses 1 LM90 for 2 CPU's (big thanks to Tim South for keeping at it)
- templist.ini added, with this you can enter your own temp table, see the help file advanced section

--> Bugs fixés :
- installer would always recommend C:\program files even if your program files was on another drive, this should be fixed
- autohide dashboard did not always work 100% when you had the dashboard set to start with MBM
- problem with e-mail test button
- dual monitor and OSD, the slided will now allow you to select a position on the left monitor
- problem with ADM1030 fan speed (Charles Xuereb)
- the LPC47xxx group of fans should respond better to the do not reset sensor chip option
- ITE range of sensors fan sensor 3 dividor problem fixed (thanks Anthony Smith)

--> Changements :
- installer offers to start MBM after install
- installer will offer (checked) to start the help file if it's a new install
- installer will offer (unchecked) to start the help file if it's an update install
- ICH4-M auto enabled
- English language file (thanks Wesley Chung)
- fantemplist.ini has been changed, you now need to make a file for each fan you want to base a a temp sensor on, so fantemplist1.ini if you want to use fan1, fantemplist2.ini if you want to use fan 2
- fantemplist increased to 1

--> Voltages sur carte mère :
- GA-8IPE1000Pro
- GA-8KNXP (MeanGene)
- EPoX 8RDA/8RDA (Valery Shatunov)
- Elite L7S7A2 (Willem Schaaij)
- Biostar M7VIG PRO (Chris Christo)
- Asus A7V8X-X (Willem Schaaij)

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