Mozilla 1.6 Alpha vient de publier une première Alpha de la prochaine version de son navigateur Mozilla (1.6).
Des correction de bugs ainsi que l'ajout de fonctions dans "Mozilla Mail" sont au programme de cette nouvelle version.

Télécharger Mozilla 1.6 Alpha pour windows (11.1 Mo)
Télécharger Mozilla 1.6 Alpha pour Linux (15.3 Mo)
Télécharger Mozilla 1.6 Alpha pour Mac OS X (15.2 Mo)

Changelog :
New Features and Fixes
One of the most requested Mozilla Mail features, optional separate Recipient and Sender columns in thread pane, has been implemented.
Backend support for Navigator windows to be layered or anchored "always in front" or "always in back" has been added. You can get the UI extension Window Layers from to try the feature (not working for Linux).
One step closer to the kitchen sink, about :about has been implemented. Typing about :about in the address field will give the user a nice list of available about :s.
Another massively requested MailNews feature, a preference for placing the user's signature above the quoted text, has been added.
The View Source window now has reload functionality.
"Remove from server after x days" has been implemented for POP3 mail accounts.
vCard support has been added to Mozilla Mail.
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  • lissyx
    faudrait préçiser que c'est une version ALPHA!
    et que donc, c'est potentiellement instable (chez moi, non mais on sais jamais, c'est pas des versions de production)