Version 3.0 de Natural Selection en beta test !

Infos-du-Net.comLa version 3.0 de Natural Selection (mod HL) est maintenant en beta test. Il est donc dit que la version finale sortira prochainement. Biensur cette version sera compatible avec Steam. Lire la suite pour voir le changelog.

Sources : (changelog)

** NS Combat **
Natural Selection : Combat is a new fast and furious gameplay mode focusing on intense action. Combat games generally last less then ten minutes, and require very little knowledge to play.
- New maps - Six new Combat maps, made just for Combat. Enjoy a combat-simulation on 'daimos', battle over rock and water on 'core', or enjoy non-stop action on 'faceoff'.
- New upgrades - New Combat-specific upgrades like 'resupply' and personal scanner sweep give you help when you need it.
- Gain experience - Get experience for killing the enemy, or for attacking their base. As you gain experience, you gain levels. Each new level lets you choose a new upgrade, weapon, or piece of equipment. Even after death, you retain these power-ups.

** New NS gameplay **
- New look - Over 150 new textures and new NS maps give the game a whole new look. Fight in the claustrophic halls of ns_ayumi, catching a glips of snow falling outside a catwalk, or take control of the awe-inspiring and incredible ns_agora.
- Catalyst-packs - New 'catalyst-packs' allow Commander to speed rate of fire and movement of marines for a short duration.
- New lerk - New flight model for the 'Lerk', allowing smooth and precise flapping and gliding (he also has his bite back!).
- New spectator interface - All-new spectator mode is easier to use and ideal for match commentators.
- New manual - The manual has been totally re-written to include a 'quick start' guide, and detailed information on every weapon, ability and structure.
- Other features - New chat and font system, the ability for mappers to pre-place structures in maps, 'votemap' command, new scoreboard, new alien 'focus' upgrade, and much more.

** Steam and VAC Support **
- Full Steam support : Official Steam support, including a new NS desktop,
friends list, and automatic updating. NS will be listed under the 'My Games'
section (not as a 3rd-party mod).
- VALVe Anti-Cheat (VAC) : VAC means that NS and Half-life are updated
automatically when new cheats are found. Any cheaters detected by the system are immediately temporarily or permanently banned across all NS servers.
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  • Antipika
    Trop natural Selection Comabt ^^ Finit les partit de 2 heures, des petis rounds now :) c'est beaucoup mieux !
  • badix
    cool des parties rapide, on va pouvoir faire des cour furtifs et bref je sens que now je vais passer deux heure a jouer et non deux heure a chercher un mec pour le buter! :-P :-P :-D