Nero Burning Rom

Une nouvelle version officielle de Nero Burning Rom est disponible en téléchargement avec son Patch pour le rendre Français (Nero Express est inclu avec cette version)...

Télécharger Nero Burning Rom
Nouvelle version disponible !

Source :

Liste des correctifs et ajouts :

Correctifs :

Full-O-Meter shows the correct size for DVD-R/RW and DVD-RAM
Only Disc-at-once is visible in the recorder settings for DAO/96-only-recorders
Files cannot be dropped to the main window any more while a modal dialog box is open
Resized edit fields on New compilation -> date-tab
Disable multisession for DVD-Video compilations
Fixed a problem in the save track dialog, which occurred hile trying to jump to an index positions within an audio track
New message if you drop an invalid file in a VCD or SVCD compilation
Added the possibility to continue burning even when the compliance test of DVD-Video files fails
Fixed issue with verify and DAO/96 on some drives
NeroExpress: allow only one copy of Multi Session-Compilations
Nero Express: Fixed rare Unexpected Errors at the beginning of the burn process with some drives
Nero Express: WMA plug-in shows different messages for corrupted, wrong or copyright protected files

Nouveautés :

Added several new recorders
If possible, Image-Compilations now allow to change the compilation type (DVD,CD, ...)
Added multisession support for bootable discs (note: track linking is only possible with non-bootable multisession discs).
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  • Anonyme
    Rhhoooo vous pourriez traduire en fr :-P
  • Antipika
    J'ai traduis en français pour la nouvelle version de nero :-)