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Infos-du-Net.comUne mise à jour de dernière minute pour nero, il n'y a aucun patch pour passer de la version a cette version, vous êtes obliger de tout retélécharger, lisez la suite pour voir la liste des changements...

Télécharger Nero Burning Rom (Mirroir 1) (13 mo)
Télécharger Nero Burning Rom (Mirroir 2) (13 mo)
Télécharger Nero Burning Rom (Mirroir 3) (13 mo)
Télécharger le patch français pour Nero (5.53 mo)

Source : Le site officiel de l'éditeur


-Added several new recorders
-Nero Fast CD-Burning Plug-in for Windows Media Player 9 included
-Improved context sensitive help-header
-Nero Express window resizing enabled

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed the bug which produced incompatible Video-DVDs not playable on some DVD-players
-Fixed an Audio CD problem which occurred with few recorders
-Fixed recorder speed display problem with some recorders
-Disabled CD-Text language combo box when no CD--Text is available for compilation type
-Fixed a problem which could occur in some cases with the UDF/ISO9660 bridge file system
-The correct language help files are called for all countries which use the same language
-Fixed problem when changing from Nero Express to -Nero with enabled Nero Wizard
--Nero Express:

-Fixed a small problem on the string box disc name in Nero Express and Windows XP
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