Opera 7.20 Beta 9

Infos-du-Net.comUne nouvelle version de Opera est disponible, celel-ci corrige pas mal de bugs, il est conseiller de faire la mise à jour. Lisez la suite pour consultez la liste des changements (depuis la beta 7).

Télécharger Opera 7.20 Beta 9 US (Windows) (Sans JAVA) (3.22 mo)
Télécharger Opera 7.20 Beta 9 (Linux, Solaris et FreeBSD) (changelog inclu)

Source : Le site officiel de l'éditeur

Display (Presto):
- Fixed crash problem when selecting generated content
- Fixed instability problems at http://www.tweakers.net/
- Fixed crash when hovering links
- Fixed some more 100% CPU problems
- Fixed some more page loading problems
- Fixed some page continually refreshing problems
- Fix for bogus vertical scrollbar on http://www.citroensm.net/
- Fixed problem with strange last character in OPTION boxes
- Fixed problem where all text on a page was underlined
- Fixed problem where white-space: -pre-wrap was too eager causing extra line breaks
- Fix for certain slow transparent anim gifs
- Fixed width issue when moving back and forth in history
- Let a combobox inherit the preferred codepage of its document

- Readded support for sniffing in alt text of images within links. Makes www.barbara.no product tests work with fast forward, among others

- Fixed wrong help targets in some dialogs

java script:
- Several getComputerStyle() fixes
- Fixed script problems at http://www.ukbmd.org.uk

- Fixed a "Applet not found" problem related to using OBJECT

- Fix for crash when making changes in the account selector
- When flowing, unicode characters in the ranges [0x3000-0xD7A3], [0xF900-0xFAFF] and [0xFF01-0xFF64] are now considered full-width (and counted as two characters)
- Try to keep original charset when redirecting a message
- Fix problem where "To: mail1, , mail2" could cause infinite loop
- Fix problem where M2 can't send e-mail to contacts with more than one e-mail address by allowing mail addresses of format "Name "
- Let CRTL+SHIFT+S (send mail) execute quick reply in mail view
- Let SHIFT+F9 focus quick reply
- If a view has no child views, there is no need to make a submenu with only "this view" item.. just let the original item go to that view
- Fixed bug where "No label" text was missing in column when item was focused

- Fix for Q/A using wrong position when marking images and sometimes crashing
- Fix for showing tab focus at the correct position

- Removed some unneeded Winsock2 functionality. This may affect autodial, so please report any problems
- Improved handling of illegal characters in servernames

- Fixed page loading problem involving plugins

- New feature: Javascript options added in Multimedia preferences. Added options for allowing script to size, move, raise (i.e. focus), lower and set status bar text

- Changed default flags for certificate authorities when installing downloaded CA certificates to "deny all access" and "warn" for client chains, and "access, but warn" for other chains unless the user explicitly changes the settings
- Make sure warning dialogs are properly shown when installing certificates
- Doubleclick in password edits should always select all, thus not give away word boundaries

- Added "Personalbar Edit Item Popup Menu" section

- Recognize handheld in media attribute of xml-stylesheet PI to switch from SSR to handheld mode
- Recognize @media handheld inside STYLE elements and use author stylesheet instead of SSR
- Enter handheld mode when matching certain doctypes (chtml wml)

- Strip spaces in front of and at the end of search strings. Fixes problem where address bar searches had extra spaces
- Fix problem where Minimize all did not reset the browser window title
- Transfer panel/window should select latest item when opened
- Fixed executing external program without parameters
- Let CTRL+F11 toggle menubar on/off
- Show active window with bold in cycle list and Windows panel
- Ensure that edit context menus appear at the correct position in zoomed pages
- Fix problem where progress bar does not disappear after file download/launch
- Fix for clicking in dropdown causing action being done twice
- Fix for sending referer when opening links and history problem when using the "open link" item

- Fixed problem where "Never on entire server" setting didn't work: Changed to OK/Cancel in Wand dialog. Yes/No combined with the dropdown was very confusing. Now cancel is always abort and OK always does the selected thing in the dropdown
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