Opera 7.20 Beta 10

Infos-du-Net.comUne nouvelle version du célébre navigateur Opera est disponible. Bien entendu, il y a encore des changements pour cette Beta 10. Lisez la suite pour connaître la liste des changements.

Télécharger Opera 7.20 Beta 10 (build 3114)
Télécharger la Machine virtuelle Java 1.4.2

Source : Le site officiel de l'éditeur

Changelog :

* Fix for input boxes so that selections are shown for rtl fragments
* Fixed a page bar button display problem

* Fixed a problem where ideographic spaces in forms were converted to single spaces
* Fixed a problem where clicking a Javascript link in a WAP page caused a crash
* Fixed a :first-letter problem
* Fixed a problem where local pages were not rendered if the CSS file was not found
* Crash fix for a phpBB2 forum reply-quote page
* Fix so that scrollbars are no longer styled in strict mode
* Fixed a problem with link colors remaining after hovering and selecting

* Always switch to handheld mode for WML documents
* "application/vnd.wap.xhtml+xml" now handled correctly
* Fixed a problem where page backgrounds were not removed in SSR
* Fix for switching between SSR and handheld modes

* Fixed transparent animated gif bug on Windows 9x/Me
* Transparency fix for .ico images
* Fixed animated image crash
* Fixed malformed favicon crash

Java script:
* Fixed a crash problem at http://www.kindergarten-workshop.de...kreativ/ostern/
* No longer send submit events when calling form.submit()
* Fixed link clicking problem at dogpile.com
* Color fixes for getComputedStyle()
* getComputedStyle() crash fix
* Fixed a problem where Javascript windows with image content wouldn't display the image

* New feature: Added middle-click configuration dialog. The dialog will show the first time middle-click is used and allow the user to configure how Opera handles middle-clicks on links. Default is "Open page in background". SHIFT+Middle-click will bring up the configuration dialog again
* Attempt to fix the problems with slow typing in forms while a page is loading
* Fixed problem where soft newlines and whitespace could get selected when clicking on a page
* Fixed problem where doubleclicking text in plaintext files selects all text
* Avoid annoying tooltip that appeared in some cases when at the edge of a window

Kiosk mode:
* Some more kiosk mode fixes. NOTE: no keyboard/mouse functionality has been implemented. Only functionality that is action based should work

* The mail context menu will now be used when right clicking on a mail body instead of the web page context menu
* Attempt to fix problem where IMAP messages are downloaded repeatedly
* Fixed problem when searching for multiple word phrases in e-mail
* Added missing view button image in compose windows
* Attempt to fix full/corrupt disk problem
* Don't remove own address from To: field when replying only to yourself or sending yourself a quick reply

* Fixed problem when importing Netscape bookmarks in Japanese
* Fixed cachefile extension problem caused by "?" (and possibly other characters) in the suggested filename
* File extensions are no longer suggested based on Javascript URLs
* Set-Cookie requests to delete cookies covered by the DNS verify policy are now first DNS verified

* Fixed crash when cycling in and out of Print preview or between Print preview modes

* Fixed extension problem when downloading .tar.gz files
* Fixed crash when entering "c:" in the quick download bar
* Added missing view button image in transfers window
* Fixed crash on opening certain .torrent files
* Fixed problem where progress bar remains after a downloaded file is passed to another program
* Suggested file extension no longer looks at the File types preferences file extensions list for "application/octet-stream". It will only use the suggested filename or the URL to find the suggested extension
* Disable "Save setting" checkbox and "Change" button in download dialog for files sent with Content-Disposition: attachment

* Allow more elements in frame submenu to work even when there is no active frame
* Fixed cycle dialog position on dualhead display setups
* Menu position fix if menubar is outside of screen
* Allow multi-selection in File|Open dialog
* Fixed vertical pagebar button size problem
* Fixed problem where "Frame/Copy address" and "Frame/Maximize" do not work on IFRAMEs
* Modified bookmark date sorting
* Go to page dialog should now open a nickname on exact match
* Fix for too large favicons in page cycler
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    Ils vont s'arreter a la beta combien avant de nous faire une finale ? :ptdr: