Opera 7.21 Preview 1

Infos-du-Net.comUne nouvelle version de Opera vient de sortir, celle ci apporte la correction de plusieurs bugs, de problèmes de crash...
Télécharger Opera 7.21 Preview 1 pour Windows (avec JAVA) (12.6 mo)
Télécharger Opera 7.21 Preview 1 pour Windows (sans JAVA) (3.24 mo)
Téléchargement de Opera 7.21 Preview 1 pour Linux, Solaris et FreeBSD

Source: FileForum

Liste des changements:
- Fixed a crash when trying to access file:///aux
- Fixed a crash related to images
- Fixed a crash caused by illegally escaped server names
- Fixed a freeze issue at vespa.com
- Fixed a freeze issue with nested tables and 100% height
- Fixed a problem where some images wouldn't display
- Fixed a image display issue caused by a previous fix for image redirects
- Fixed a reflow issue when opening a link in a new page from a Javascript menu
- Fixed a scrollbar display issue with "overflow: scroll"
- Fixed a scrollbar display issue caused by using "overflow: auto" and absolute positioning
- Made it possible to change BUTTON width using CSS
- Fixed a page jumping issue caused by "font-weight: bold" in a :hover
- Fixed a clipping issue on inline-blocks
- Fixed an "all text underlined" issue
- MIDI files will now play even without disk cache

File Transfers:
- Fixed a problem where uploads and e-mail attachments were given the incorrect file extension. Please report any remaining MIME-type/file extension issues
- More steps to prevent naming issues when downloading ".tar.gz" files
- Fixed a problem where the Open button was disabled and the program name failed to show when files were associated with WinRAR
- "application/x-msdownload" is now set with extensions exe,bat,pif,com,scr to avoid unknown dangerous extensions on Windows
- Fixed a problem where the "application/x-sh" MIME-type was expanded to "application/x-shockwave"

- Fixed a problem where the cursor would always be at the beginning of a form input field when JavaScript is used to verify text input
- Fixed a problem when changing text alignment in TEXTAREA using JavaScript
- Return #RRGGBB instead of rgb() for bgColor()

- Fixed a crash when using mouse gestures or when going back in History
- Fixed a problem where [Ctrl+R] and [Ctrl+L] didn't adjust text correctly in form fields

- Fixed a crash when changing From address after a message had been saved
- Fixed a problem where "Reply All" with more than two accounts could strip too many addresses or even crash
- Fixed a problem where "Reply All" would keep multiple From addresses
- Fixed a problem where SMTP Authentication was set to None when upgrading from 7.11 to 7.20. If you run into an error message about SMTP authorization/authentication
being required to send mail, change the Auth method for your outgoing server to Auto
- Fixed a problem where the body of some HTML e-mails were not painted when scrolled
- Updated format=flowed code to smooth future transition to use of delsp parameter (http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts...rmat-bis-01.txt)

- Fixed a problem where the first page printed was tiny

- Updated to latest version of OpenSSL

- Tile when creating new (and closing) windows added again
- Fixed a problem where pages did not end up in the proper order when doing tile/cascade/restore all/maximial all etc.
- Fixed a problem where the mouse would stop working correctly after right-clicking in the titlebar
- Fixed a problem where Delete Private Data could cause a freeze.
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  • bidibulle@IDN
    Pitié, vous allez pas nous refaire le même coup que la saga Opéra 7,2 bêta !!! En publiant tout les 3 jours un article pour nous informer d’une nouvelle version bêta de Opéra 7,21.

    Franchement, je soupçonne la société qui développe ce logiciel de se faire de la pub gratuitement grâce au site d’information comme IDN qui parle systématiquement de leur trop innombrables versions bêtas !!!

  • xbox
    Vu le nombre de bugs corrigés... je pense que cette news méritait d'être souligné.
  • bidibulle@IDN
    Ok, je te fais mon mea-culpa. :roll:

    Mais j’espère quand même, que cela ne va pas devenir une nouvelle saga.