Opera 7.20 Beta 3

Infos-du-Net.comUne nouvelle version du très bon navigateur Opera est disponible, pas mal de changements pour cette beta 3. Je vous conseille de mettre à jour votre ancienne version :) Pour ceux qui n'ont jamais testé Opera essayer le :p Vous serez pas deçu ! Lisez la suite pour consulter la liste des changements.

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Source : Le site officiel de l'éditeur


Crash fixes
Fixed several crashes when closing pages
Fixed problem where saving pages or images occasionally crashes Opera
Fixed crash at http://seb.mozdev.org/firebird/
Fixed several general web site crashes
Several BiDi fixes
Arabic Shadda breaks joining
Two consecutive unicode control codes should be two separate words
Bugfix for two consecutive BIDI_ES characters
Several display fixes
Numerous fixes for run-ins and absolute positioned boxes
Fixed that background sometimes disappeared when turning print preview on and off
Fix for max-width not wrapping float text
Fixed display of MAP elements
Several DOM/ECMAscript fixes
Fixes to get XML Events working again - Scripts with language="" are no longer ignored
Fixed several problems with getComputedStyle
Fixed a style.backgroundColor problem
Adjusted security password policy: Minimum 6 characters and either 1. At least one alphabetic character and one non-alphabetic character, or 2. At least one character from a non-western european character set (specifically: not Latin-1)
Autologin with wand even if there is no username
Added experimental support for IPv6. See INI settings section of changelog for related preference
Added ability to delay initial document paint. See INI settings section of changelog for related preference
Dialup should work again
Fixed use of OperaDEF6.adr for bookmarks and missing default bookmarks
New URL scheme supported: data (RFC 2397)
Fix for sending form data written in Japanese/Russian/etc. Should fix many form related issues (CNN QuickVote, banking sites, etc.)
Fix for AltGr+z, AltGr+n opening page/window instead of typing a Polish character on Win9x systems
Reintroduced Kioskmode

User Interface

Always change text in address dropdown when switching pages when address dropdown control is located outside the address toolbar
Show an archive icon for files with extension 'gz' in hotlist/links view
Append addresses that are entered from the "Go to" dialog box (F2) to the typed history list
Pressing Enter/Return will now activate the selected page entry in the window view of the hotlist
Tooltips and drag'n'drop in mails and panels should now work
Support for opening a new page at the location a url was dropped in the pagebar + rightclick menu support in hotlist/window list
Fix a delete problem in the keyboard config dialog and let "Default" in the same box work properly
Do not place a copy of a bookmark/contact in trash when CUT'ing it
Fixed regression bug: Rightclick-select disabled in some menus
Show image name (not path) in image property dialog caption
Added support for confirmation when closing all pages or closing all but active page
Fix for sending window to back, when using classic MDI window cycle
Try not to steal focus from other apps
Fix for starting opera with minimized pages
Many small fixes to make opera mdi (when pagebar is off) work a bit more like classic windows mdi
Allow bookmark drop inbetween other bookmarks even though we are in sorted mode so that the bookmark will "jump" to sorted position when dropping it
Move keyboard focus to document when pressing escape in search dropdown, zoom dropdown and search edit fields
Fix for address field not being set right away when opening a bookmark or similiar
Fixed a problem that caused the "reuse window" setting to be ignored from the F2 dialog box


Initial support for mail export to mbox format added for accesspoints/views
Crash fix, renaming view without e-mail account set up. May also fix some filter related crashes
Fix for account selector not updating properly
INI Settings - [Adv User Prefs] Force Winsock2 API=1 to force Opera to use the Winsock 2 API when available, even if the presence of dialups would normally have prevented it

[User Prefs] -First update delay= to delay first paint of a loading page/window for the specified number of seconds (default 2 seconds)
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  • florian@IDN
    C'est un super log. mais il n'egale pas Avaznt Browser qui ne pése que 1mo :-o
  • Antipika
    peut importe la taille , si ya un bon browser , meme pour 40mo je le dl :)
  • Antipika
    eeuh et avant broswer c loin de faire 1mo !! car il faut IE , donc c'est IE + avant broswer et la ca fait 4 fois plus que opera :)