Opera 7.20 Beta 6

Infos-du-Net.comUne nouvelle version du célébre navigateur Opera est disponible. Bien entendu, il y a encore des changements pour cette nouvelle version Beta. Lisez la suite pour connaître la liste des changements.

Télécharger Opera 7.20 Beta 6
Télécharger la Machine virtuelle Java 1.4.2

Source : Le site officiel de l'éditeur

Changelog :

- Fixed several page stalling/never loading issues
- Fix for WML variables not getting output correctly
- Fixed zooming of applets
- Fixed several issues where scrollbars wouldn't appear
- Fixed a scrolling issue related to absolute positioning and overflow: auto
- Crash fix for zooming frames

- New Feature: Support for toolbar extender in page and personal bar. Enable "Show extender" in the page and personal bar context menus to use it
- Fix for CTRL+something adding extra characters
- Proper enable/disable handling of "add all to bookmarks"
- Disable Copy and Cut menu entries for edit fields that contain a password (the Copy and Cut handling itself was already disabled)
- Fixed problem where only one file extension would be saved for each MIME-type
- Wand crashfix
- Fixed overflow problem in progress bar for large documents (percent value became negative, or just wrong in general)
- Fixed progress bar status not updating correctly
- Fixed crash in WML forms
- Fixed zooming issue with frames

- Fixed focus issue when using back with frames
- Fix for ALT+TAB not restoring focus to forms
- Using back/forward flipping could cause unwanted "in text selection state"

- Fixed a problem where read mail would reappear/appear multiple times in views
- Fixed a problem where downloading message bodies for mails with long UIDs would fail
- Suggested file name for saving mails changed from mail.xml.html to mail.html

- Added language strings for SSL
- Added language strings for preference dialog box, reindex dialog and menus

- Fixed a problem where URLs on ISO2022-JP pages would be encoded incorrectly (specifically, the tilde and backslash characters)

- Fixed resuming/restarting transfers where authentication is needed
- Single line forms text color should now be set correctly
- Avoid desktop flicker at startup
- Fixed Synaptics INI settings
- Installer will add registry key to allow Windows Media Player 9 plugins to work
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