Steam final, première mise à jour

Infos-du-Net.comUne première mise à jour de steam (depuis la version final) est arriver tôt ce matin (2H environ), lisez la suite pour voir la (petites) liste des bugs corrigés...

Screenshot de la mise à jour

Source : Mon steam quand je l'ai lancé.

Changelog : Steam Final : 09/20/03

* Reduced the need for clients with fully populated caches to connect to a content server
* Reworked some of the retry logic for content server tickets on the Steam backend
* Fixed wierdness with next/prev buttons in conversion wizard
* Fixed failed login potentially opening two error dialogs
* Added conversion wizard for any a cache for a game is created, if there is an existing installation to convert from
* Fixed bad error messages for connection issues when logging in
* Enabled cancel button on conversion wizard
* Optimized Friends searching with wildcards
* Fixed "NumRegisteredChildern" assert
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