Winamp 2.9 Beta 2 Light/STD/Full

Infos-du-Net.comA peine deux jours après la sortie de la beta 1 de Winamp 2.91 voici dejà la deuxième beta, quelques bugs contenus dans la première version ont été corrigés, lisez la suite pour prendre connaissance du "changelog"...

Télécharger Winamp 2.9 Beta 2 Lite (529 ko)
Télécharger Winamp 2.9 Beta 2 Standard (1.45 mo)
Télécharger Winamp 2.9 Beta 2 Full (2.13 mo)

Source : Le site officiel de l'éditeur

Changes in Current Version 2.9 beta 2:

Fixed ml_ plugin support
Changed video popup menu to remove Ctrl+ on 1 2 ` stuff
Fixed multi monitor support for video
Fixed some ml vfs bugs, made writeout nearly atomic, optimized
Fixed ml import current playlist bug (needed a savequerytree())
Made in_nmp3 not use builtin EQ if used in DLL mode
Fixed end of file skipping bug on CD tracks
Made CD digital extraction off by default
Made video window sizes to remain when switching video modes
Fixed some video OSD stuff
Added mms:// and mmst:// and mmsu:// url style support to in_dshow
Added nsv prefs, streaming buffer size
in_nsv includes nsvtag as well as media library setting ability
Fixed crash in internet radio/tv on dblclick when refreshing
Made in_vorbis support extended metadata setting/getting
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