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dBpowerAMP Music Converter Release 10 Beta 9

Illustrate vient de nous sortir une nouvelle beta de son magnifique convertisseur de fichiers audio. dBpowerAMP Music Converter se différencie des autres convertisseurs par son incroyable facilité d’utilisation (en effet seul quelques clics seront nécessaire pour convertir un fichier audio). Cette nouvelle beta apporte tout un tas de nouveautés mais aussi plusieurs bug fixés.

Télécharger dBpowerAMP Music Converter (1.68 Mo).

Source : Site officiel.

Liste des nouveautés:

Large Font Compatible
Includes a ‘Test Conversion (no write)’ compression option
Atlast the Convert To menu now ignores case (so ‘a’ would not be placed at the bottom)
dMC Configuration shows Sveta Device drivers installed
dMC Audio CD Input – Bug Fix on getting Multi Artists from CDPlayer / Registry Cache
Rip to Ram page now removed, it shows the speed and status on the action line
Mp3 popup info now displays id3v1/2 version number (ie ID3v2.2)
Mp3 is now Unicode8 compatible (Windows NT/2000/XP only)
Displays version number of CD Writer (beta 3 onwards)
Added special code required for CD Writer conversions
CD Input – Drive Offset replaced by Drive Sample Offset…ready for AccurateRip
CD Input – AccurateRip written, 100% accurately ripped CDs.
CD Input – New Icon written
CD Input – Previous used folders (output to and File Creatation) saved in Options
CD Input – When converting CD to Portable the options page is always shown (needed for Nomads)
CD Input – Freedb Server page access on freedb drop down menuPower Pack – On dMC Overwrite page, now a ‘No to All’, also possible to select multiple items to uncheck
Wave – Compatible with WaveFORMATExtensible wave files, rewritten to support 24 bit & high frequency multichannel creation & reading.
Wave – New 24 Bit output button for Wave Compression
Wave – writes PCM wave files without WAVEFORMATEX extra two bytes (if anything to stop all the emails your output is different to EAC or Winamp)
New Value List for Configuration and Edit tag dmc – Convert To Menu replaced with all conversion options on music converter page
dmc – 2nd dmc is not launched when adding files to convert, files are added to existing
dmc – Power Pack, when setting priority for certain levels the Process Priority level is set
CD Input – better protected (read damaged) CD TOC detection – options menu >> damaged CD >> TOC Detection #1
CD Input – Can add custom Genres, just type it and it is remembered.
CD Input freedb – works with an IP number
CD Input freedb – if connection does not work, 2 known good ones are tried

Bug Fix: Windows 95 was not adding ‘Edit Tag’ on right click
Bug Fix: Mp3 (Lame) encoder not setting up ABR encodings correctly
Bug Fix: Mp3 (Lame) encoder now produces -alt preset files identical to lame.exe
Bug Fix: Professional Frequency Conversion was always on for Wave conversions, even if option was switched off in config
Bug Fix: When saving tags, read only files are set to writable
Bug Fix: Buffer overflow was occurring for Track names longer than 100 characters
Bug Fix: mp3 could return a Track Number of 0 in certain circumstances
Bug Fix: mp3 tagging, fixed crash for ID3v2 on Xfer tag info
Bug Fix: Does not create blank Folders for Test write or other write formats such as Audio CD
Bug Fix: If Eject CD option then shouldnt suck in the disc straight after eject anymore
Bug Fix: Cd Input – if editing the title and click convert, the edited value is now saved
Bug Fix: CD Input – Smart Freedb Formatting, for compilations such as ‘Madonna / oh father’ the oh was not being capitalized
Bug Fix: Various artist CDs, when use keyboard to select next track it was not setting the right artist at top
Bux Fix: dMC when writing to a portable player the sending percentage does not stay for next conversion.