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DC++ 0.24

Rien à dire, juste une nouvelle version du client P2P modifié Direct Connect, celui-ci est toujours téléchargeable sur… Lisez la suite pour consulter la liste des changements…

Télécharger DC++ 0.24 @ (1.65 mo)

Source : Le site du projet DC++ @

— 0.24 2002-03-11 —
* The splash screen is now correctly centered (we thank Vladimir Marko for this important patch =)
* Added ADLSearch, a new search filter for browsing files, submitted/made by Henrik Engström.
* Local ip handling improved, so that a per-hub ip is used if nothing is entered in the active field (good for
people who connect to local hubs or through different network cards)
* You can now use $ and | in the chat. DC++ uses the HTML standard $ and | to replace them…some people
might not like this because it’s different than the escape sequence used in the lock, but I prefer a standard way
of escaping that’s not limited to numbers below 999…later on, perhaps I’ll add full &-escaping support so that
people will be able to send all kinds of strange characters. The same escpace sequences are used in the description
and email.
* Incoming connections are now handled in a completely different, more effective way (one thread less…). This could
perhaps help with the multicpu/hyperthreading issue, but I doubt it…
* Fixed a crash-at-exit in the debug build
* Fixed a bug causing missing search results (thanks opera)
* Another go at the case insensitive string comp bug (tried with a queue file that was reported not to work so…)
* Added custom per-hub user description to favorite hubs (thanks todd pederzani)
* Some code cleanup and minor fixes
* Updated H: tag. It now looks like H:x/y/z where x, y, and z are normal, registered and op hubs respectively. It
is updated roughly once a minute, but if you’re disconnected, the count won’t go down until the window is closed
(i e hubs you’re trying to reconnect to count as well, to avoid too many updates being sent to the hub). Also,
note that there’s a problem with the op count. All op’s will first be counted as registered users, and then,
when they’re fully logged in the count will be updated. This is a protocol limitation and there’s not much to
do about it (although, most of the time you shouldn’t notice, if the hub sends the op list fast enough…). This
release also fixes a bug where the count was not correctly updated across all hubs.
* To avoid confusion when receiving text pasted from the chat, « –  » is inserted whenever a line starts with ‘<' or
‘[‘ in the main and private chat (so that it won’t look like somebody else is writing a message)
* I think you can now use %-shortcuts in the nick when specifying user commands (%[line:] does not work tho…)
* Doubled interval between autosearches (2 minutes now, and 60 between each research of the same file), this to
ease the bandwidth load on busy hubs
* Favorites, users and user commands are now saved to a separate file. The old ones will still be loaded for a
few versions…
* Added info about current directory/selection to the file listing browser

— 0.233 2002-02-24 —
* Back to normal…
* Fixed a small bug with disappearing tray icon (thanks vladimir marko)
* Fixed a major bug in the case insensitive string compares resulting in 100% cpu/crashes in certain cases
(specially with filenames that contain international characters). This should also fix sort problems
and perhaps some search problems as well…
* Fixed some problems with file lists not refreshing correctly when they were being downloaded at the same time.
* Added option to disable the hourly automatic share refresher
* Fixed another Finished Files crash — now it *should* work, I actually tested it once this time…
* Fixed a « dc++ would not shutdown » bug (thanks todd pederzani)
* Fixed another thing with hub lists being unnecessarily downloaded (thanks todd pederzani)
* Fixed a bug with opening faulty .bz2 file lists (thanks who)
* Fixed a bug with whole descriptions not being visible in the settings

— 0.232 2003-02-14 —
* Fixed a bug when temp download directory was missing  » in the end
* Fixed another crash when disk full bug
* Files containing $’s are no longer added to share (can’t be downloaded later on…) (this is a protocol limitation)
* Changed the « download whole directory » back to the old way of working (see 0.23 notes), it turned out that i dTGU FR’t
like it and neither did anyone at the forum seem to do…maybe I’ll think of something better later on…
* Fixed the move file thing (properly this time, I hope)
* Fixed edit boxes being enabled when option was not in logs&sound settings (thanks todd pederzani)
* Fixed « add shared directory » modality (thanks todd pederzani)
* Fixed finished files crash
* Added an icon for the finished downloads to the toolbar (thanks todd pederzani)
* The main icon now contains a 48×48 icon as well (thanks todd pederzani)
* I hope the owner of the picture doesn’t sue me / mind =)…

— 0.231 2003-02-04 —
* Minor speedup in the string tokenizer (silly…)
* Fixed missing search results when searching without type (fix also provides a tiny speedup when being searched)
* Fixed a silly assertion fault in the debug build
* Fixed the single file move crash (together with « wrong file moved », same bug)
* Fixed so that a user won’t be granted a slot when using a « free » slot if disconnected because of the
autodisconnect feature (thanks Todd Pederzani)
* The tab control now supports more than one row
* In the tab chevron menu, those windows that have updated (that would have been bold) now have a dot
* The download queue tab now goes bold if something about the queue has updated (download finished/added/failed/etc)
* The message edit box in the hub and pm windows now uses the font selected in the settings
* The finished files frame now goes bold when new items are finished
* Fixed some of the problems when not viewing the directory tree in the queue. There might be some bugs left tho,
haven’t tested…

— 0.23 2003-01-30 —
* New release policy, I’ll wait a few days with the « new version » nag, just to see if a release is ok (doesn’t have
any fatal bugs in it). If you want to be on the bleeding edge, either subscribe to the release notification on
sourceforge or check it every now and then. The same goes for the link on (i e the download
will only be available from in the files section).
* Removed the -Debug zip file. The debug information is now included in all public releases of DC++, this to rid
the debug forums of crash reports with missing debug information. There are no performance penalties from having
the debug symbols, they are loaded on demand (and if you’re really deperate for disk space, you can remove the .pdb
file). This of course makes the distribution download a bit bigger, an unfortunate side-effect…
* Fixed a bug in the uninstaller (it dTGU FR’t remove DCPlusPlus.pdb if installed)
* Fixed a bug with the user commands (PM dTGU FR’t work)
* Some fixes to queue moving (moving to targets that already exist in queue now adds the sources of the old file
to the existing target instead of just ignoring them…)
* Changed the way « download whole directory » works. It now downloads the files directly to the directory you’ve
chosen, i e if you download the directory « mp3 » to « x:down » all files from « mp3 » will end up in « x:down »
instead of « x:downmp3 ». This makes it easier to add files when somebody’s changed the directory name but not the
filenames (common with rar/ace sets). If you download to the default download directory, the directory is created
(i e « defaultmp3 » in the example). Now I only have to decide whether I like this change or not…
* Cleanup of the VC7 Project files
* The number of uploads slots is now shown as negative if it exceeds the specified number of slots (because of auto-
open or granting). We’ll see how long it takes until someone reports this as a bug…
* Added ability to set default away message (hm…perhaps this should use the last message set?)
* Redesigned the appearance dialog a bit (like the advanced options now)
* If DC++ receives « banned » during the login phase, it’ll stop automatically reconnecting (nöjd nu, nev? =)
* The splash screen no longer shows on the task bar (avoids flicker when loading is fast) and is not topmost (use
alt-esc instead of alt-tab to switch to it if you lose it…and it can’t be an option because it’s shown prior to
any settings being loaded).
* Hublist is no longer loaded in the background by default when starting the application.
* Fixed some proxy connection problems for the hublist (thanks Ondrea (or is it Ondra or Ondrej? =))
* Disabled automatic opening of the hublist. You can reenable it in the settings (this is to save some
bandwidth on the hub list servers).
* The hublist has been replaced by (the same, but bzipped, sourceforge dTGU FR’t like
the load on their servers…)
* Fixed a bug when returning compressed file search results
* Changed the way string compares are done, this should fix the sorting and searching problems with different
charsets. All string compares are now done based on the user’s locale, so searching users that use a different charset
might yield unexpected results.
* Automatic search now searches with type if possible (to ease the load on clients)
* Fixed a disk full crash
* Added « Close all disconnected hubs » to the Window menu (thanks Kenneth Skovhede)
* Added /favorite to pm window to add user as a favorite user (/fav also works) (thanks Kenneth Skovhede)
* Added /favorite to hub window to add hub to favorite hubs (/fav also works) (thanks Kenneth Skovhede)
* Added « Grant slot » to transfers right-click menu (thanks Kenneth Skovhede)
* Added « Add to favorites » to transfers right-click menu (thanks Kenneth Skovhede)
* Added « Open folder » to finished downloads frame (thanks Kenneth Skovhede)
* Performance increase in search 1: When somebody searches with a type (document, video, etc), directories that
don’t contain the specified type are not searched. If people use search types a lot, this should be a significant
improvement. To make this work out good, keep different file types in different directories, and smaller parts of
your share will be searched. This will work better when more people have updated their clients so that autosearch
uses types as well.
* Performance increase in search 2: Words frequently searched for are filtered out earlier in the search, so that
only directories that contain a specific word are searched. This is based on the observation that a lot of the
contain either their suffix (mp3 or avi for example), or some other frequently searched words. By only searching
directories that for sure contain one of these words, we eliminate a lot of useless searching. In this first
implementation, the list of words is static, but later on I’ll add dynamic adaption, so that it’s really only the
most frequently words that make it to the list (thanks to Vladimir Marko for idea and research, to find out more
see his post on in Protocol Alley (perfincrease 1 is based on the same kind of thinking))
* Fixed the hourly automatic share refresher (this is done with a low priority thread)
* Highest priority downloads are now always started (even if the exceed the speed & max downloads limits), this way
important files, file lists and small files always get downloaded…(uhm, this might have the side effect that a
list download might disconnect another slot if a file change for the other one occurs during the list transfer…
if this becomes a problem, I’ll look into it « later » =) (completely untested…hope it doesn’t break downloading =)

— 0.22 2003-01-05 —
* The forums are up again! On a new address though,…
* Added nice installer. It’s big because it comes with the debug info, if you just want a zip as in the old versions,
you can find it on
* Fixed a bug with files being added to the queue without target directory. This caused quite a lot of strange
behaviour ranging from hang at startup to empty queues and crashing deletes. Hopefully, I fixed it proper,
but rereport the bugs if you still have problems…
*WARNING – WARNING – WARNING* if you upgrade to 0.22, all old queue items that are missing a directory in the
target file-name will be removed. Don’t upgrade if your queue is precious to you, and you dTGU FR’t have anything
in the default download directory box in the settings (finish it with version 0.181
or edit your queue.xml file and add a directory to all targets without…). (thanks fusbar for finding it)
* Added so that only files with the same extension are visible in the download to menus (this was actually done in 0.21
but I forgot to write it down…=)
* Fixed a bug where dc++ would stop listening to incoming connections, causing connection timeouts in active mode
* Right-click menu now works for all nicks (even outside < and >)
* Fixed width of some status bars when font size differs from mine (I think…why would anyone want to change anyway? =)
* Fixed height of edit controls when font size differs from mine
* Added the hub the user was last connected to to the finished downloads.
* Added hub to the logging (see readme for available parameters)
* Fixed a bug in speed calculation in the finished downloads frame (for resumed downloads)
* Last known hub is now shown in pm window when user goes offline
* Progress bars can now be disabled in the advanced settings
* Added user-customizable right-click menu commands to the hub windows (to send commands to hub bots)
* Advanced settings dialog remade a bit
* Fixed missing default setting for default download directory, making a lot of queue items miss a target directory =)
* Fixed case sensitivity in search right-click menu
* Fixed crash when opening file lists
* Added on-the-fly SFV checking, enable it in the advanced settings. Failed files are removed and requeued.
* Added sfv parameter to the logging (for full list, see readme.txt) and finished files frame
* Fixed startup crash when settings file was incorrectly saved (unfortunately, this makes you lose your settings tho)
* Fixed vc6 project file (zlib wasn’t in the dependencies…come on guys, this much you should be able to figure out)
* If you’re translating and find any untranslated string or have problems because something can’t be done in your
language (strange plurals?), add it to the bug report…(settings excluded)

— 0.211 2002-12-26 —
* Oops, forgot to remove the transfer slowdown code when I was testing the progress bars…=)

— 0.21 2002-12-26 —
* Some DLLs are now delay loaded, speeding up startup and initial memory usage a tiny little bit
* Fixed so that the default copy-menu appears when rightclicking outside a nickname in the hub chat
* Added « copy nickname to clipboard » to the hub chat right click menu
* Fixed a directory searching bug (no directory search results when hubname contained a space…*sigh*) (thanks xeroc)
* Fixed returning of own search results (oops, some debug code left…)
* More work on the queue internals (should hopefully fix the bug when an item is reported as running even though it’s
* Fixed some issues with 0-byte files in the queue (an unnecessary disconnection occurred)
* More work on the queue window; File lists now have a separate folder, fixed viewing of right-click menus so that
they only show the commands that actually work depending on selection count.
* Fixed / Improved the sorting of the transfer status. It is now always sorted as running downloads –
connecting downloads – uploads (unless you flip the sort order…doh!)
* Added beautiful progress bars to the transfers area (hej ullis =)
* Added exact byte size to the search window
* Fixed a bug with directory downloading from other dc++ users (that use the .bz filelist)
* Incomplete file lists are now deleted on failure.
* Fixed the socks resolve setting bug (somebody will have to try the DNS resolution itself though…can’t do)
* Added « no-tree-mode » to the queue. The queue window then shows the full list of queueitems (if possible,
the number of items it can show depends on your operating system)
* The search window now uses non-colored icons (system or dc++), I dTGU FR’t like the coloring anyway, will think
of something better later on…
* Some minor changes to the settings dialogs…preparing for making translation possible…
* Fixed port changing bug (DC++ would still listen to the old port until restarted)
* Added debug-build-type error reporting to the release builds as well. Now, if supported by the OS, dc++ will emit
a useful bug report whenever it crashes. If you have a lot of problems with dc++ crashing, you should download
the debug information from, and then, when reporting the bug, include
the generated « extenedinfo.txt » file. Do not report the crash unless you have this file and have downloaded the
debug information file.
The extended tracing code is in part written by Zoltan Csizmadia ([email protected]), found it on
some web site. (
* Added moving of files in the queue (experimental)
* Fixed bug when a  » was not added to the temp downloads directory
* Right-click menu works for joins and parts as well now (changed the format of the join/part message =)
* Fixed a lockup bug (transfer speeds would not update among other things…)

— 0.20 —
* Collective thanks to all who have donated $$$ to me, I dTGU FR’t think people would do it, but they
actually have, amounts ranging from $1 to $200…keep ’em coming =) (keep in mind tho that paypal steals 30 cents
and some percentage (4 i think) from me when you pay with a credit card). Oh, I think you can also donate in
€ (euros) now, which is, of course, my preferred currency =)
* The forum and are currently down for maintenance, and the owner is waiting for new network equipment.
I would open an alternative forum if I could get the old posts, but because all network connections to the server are broken it’s difficult to get the old posts out of it for the moment (physical access to the server is somewhat
limited). For the most desperate ones, I opened a new conference on sourceforge (where the old forums were) that
you can use, or if you feel like it, try one of the forums that people have put up on their own (I won’t read
them though, don’t have time). Anyway, lichlord should be up soon I hope…
* This release is completely untested (more or less, i’m in the third world (italy…amazing that this country made
it to the G7, and is still actually there…)), and is most problably not very stable. If it crashes, I don’t
want to know about it unless you’re using the debug version (that most probably doesn’t work with w98), that
generates an exceptioninfo.txt file. If you report a crash bug (« unhandled exception »), make sure you include
this file in the report, otherwise it’s a waste of your time writing and my time deleting. I do not recommend
this version for those who are comfortable with 0.181…
* I’ve decided to clear the bug and feature request forum of all posts, regardless of whether they have been
fixed/implemented or not, because of the ridiculous amount of duplicates. I apologize to those that made valid, new
fresh and interesting requests, but because of all double-posting idiots, I can’t keep up with things. I’ve tagged all
the closed requests as « out of date », and I kindly ask the original authors to reopen their posts if they still
consider them valid and non-duplicate. You can find them by browsing for closed posts. Also, before posting a feature
request, check that the feature is not already implemented (by looking in the settings for instance). It is not
exactly a sign of intelligence to suggest features that already exist…and there seems to be an alarming number of
stupid people out there…
* The CVS is not up to date (because of the retarded firewall at my school…)
* Clicking on a users name with ctrl pressed opens a pm window (thanks opera)
* Clicking on a users name with shift downloads the users file list (thanks opera)
* Right-clicking on a name in the chat will bring up the user menu (thanks opera)
* Fixed a bug in the startup procedure resulting in a crash sometimes
* Fixed bug that window size was set to 0 when dc++ was turned of while being minimized, resulting in « missing
dc++ window » on startup
* Added socks5 support (more or less…no gssapi support), works like passive mode. M:5 means socks5 in the <++ tag.
(No, I won’t be adding socks4 as it doesn’t support UDP forwarding)
* Myinfo is now sent out roughly every 1-2 minutes if something has changed hub-count-wise (was 10-20 min before)
* Added directory downloading (from the search window, unfinished, not sure if it works, experimental,
kids, don’t do it at home, dangerous…)
* Fixed some random bugs and very uncommon memory leaks
* Fixed the ordering in the right-click menus so that « browse » and recent dirs appear first
* Added directory (folder) searching
* .ogg and .wma are now returned when someone searches for audio files
* .txt and .nfo are now returned when someone searches for documents
* .divx is now returned when someone searches for videos
* .gif and .jpg (!) are now returned when someone searches for pictures (oops, must have missed them
when reverse engineering the original .exe…=)
* Note; the extended search results only work if the client being searched is a new dc++…
* Improved XML handling (much less memory used on queue load)
* Speeded up queue save a lot, shouldn’t take any notable amount of memory either (for those with large
(10000+ files) queues), although if you have a queue that large you should perhaps consider your queuing
* Added total bytes and average speed to finished downloads window
* A random free port between 1025 and 32000 is now used in active mode, unless a port specifically has been set. This
port is changed on every restart to avoid problems with networks where traffic on certain ports is limited or
banned. If you have a firewall that requires a certain port to be used (incoming traffic), go to the settings
and set it (your best pick is a random one in the above noted range) (setting not kept from previous version).
DC++ requires that both TCP and UDP data can reach the client on this port. To find out the ip/port currently
in use, type /connection in a hub window.
* Failed downloads are now not put at the beginning to avoid having partial unfinished downloads
* The queue window now has a tree instead of a list to the left
* Added a common controls version check to rid the support forum of (at least some of the) stupid questions
* Spaces are now trimmed from most ip addresses
* Added O: in the <++ tag, it means that the user is using the speedautoopen slot feature, and the number is the kb/s
setting. IMHO this is a much better way of measuring the whole slots thing, and in future releases S: may become
optional if the min upload speed feature is turned on (a good topic for the dc++ forums…). Uhm, in other words,
if the current total upload speed of a user is lower than the number after O:, dc++ will automatically open another
* Some internal changes in the queue handling (might cause trouble, untested)
* The notepad content is now saved in a file called « Notepad.txt » in the dc++ main directory instead of the xml file
* Fixed the file search and made it search a bit more accoring to the sort order
* Fixed so that the same string won’t be added to the recent searches list
* Queue is now indexed by a map instead of a hash resulting in slightly more cpu use (if you have a huge queue)
but queue is ordered accoring to filename to avoid partially downloaded directories (when saved, queue is now sorted
by target location and will be downloaded in that order when reloaded from disk…)
* Fixed so that focus is correctly set to the message input edit box in the hub chat window when changing back to dc++
* Recreates filelisting if it’s missing on request from another user (if it’s been deleted that is…). This effectively
stops the « delete filelist »-cheat.
* Added automatic disconnection of uploads if a user leaves the hub. This is a somewhat controversial feature
that disconnects any uploads to a user if the user leaves the hub (or is kicked…). If an upload is cancelled
in this way, a free slot is granted to the user being kicked, in case that the user was unwillingly disconnected
from the hub and returns within 10 minutes. This effectively prevents the « jump into hub, start a bunch of downloads,
and exit the hub »-cheat, without the cheater being able to do anything about it. It is off by default, turn on in
the settings.
* Alt-S sends a message in the chats
* The PM window now correctly shows when a user goes on/offline and doesn’t send the message if the user is offline
(so that you don’t lose it from the edit box)

— 0.181 2002-08-12 —
* Fixed a nick changing bug
* Fixed some vc6 project build settings
* Fixed some minor vc6 compatibility issues
* Fixed some issues with invalid filenames (names containing invalid characters, should also fix
the file downloaded but missing from the download directory error) (thanks Kyrre Aalerud)
* Added so that the user name appears at top level of the directory tree in the browse file list window
so that directory totals for the top directories can be seen, untested, might cause problems but shouldn’t…
* Main window state (maximized and so on) and size are saved on exit (and restored I think =)
* Kick messages are now correctly filtered (even when status line in chat setting is on)
* Fixed an issue with very long path names (win9x can’t handle path names longer than 260 chars),
these will now generate an error
* Fixed the speed display of very fast transfers (>4 mb/s)
* Fixed a bug where a bad file list could cause dc++ to crash
* Fixed the loading of list view column orders
* Added so that doubleclicking on usernames in the main chat () will select the user in the user list
* Added so that doubleclicking words starting with http://, www. and ftp:// will open the link
* Fixed a bug with bad hublist server names (empty ones, not starting with http://…)
* Added WM_ENDSESSION handling so that the queue and settings are saved when shutting down the computer
* Added auto-away on minimize option
* Fixed restoring window to maximized state after minimizing to tray
* Added a « small send buffer » option that should help users that are having download problems when others leech
from them…basically, this makes the outgoing packet size smaller (1k instead of 16k), leaving more bandwidth
for acks to flow through…it also makes sending less efficient, specially for high bandwidth users, so don’t
turn it on unless you have to…hard disk reading performance will be worse as well with this option enabled…
* Added paypal-donate menu option to help

— 0.18 2002-07-01 —
* Added a finished downloads window
* Added temporary download directory option
* Added support for dchub://hubip:port and dchub://hubip:port/nick (will download that users filelist) (partially
by Luca Rota, thanks) (completely untested)
* Sort by slots in search is now secondarily sorted by open slots
* Fixed sort by priority in queue window
* Fixed « don’t remove dupes » option
* Improved performance a bit when there were a lot of « no free download slots »
* Fixed missing join messages
* Shift-enter in hub send message instead of adding a newline to the text (use ctrl-enter for newlines)
(because a lot of people can’t type properly and keep holding shift when pressing enter…I hear old (60+)
people often do this…=)
* More changes to the autosearch, it should now be more random and therefore yield better results…
* Old download queues (pre 0.174) are no longer loaded
* Added better error handling on failed downloads
* Added a column to the queue window that shows which sources have failed and why
* Major changes in the connection queue handling for better stability in the future
* Added doxygen configuration file. To generate a very nice overview of the dc++ sources
download doxygen ( and graphviz (search Google), then check doxyfile
for the proper paths, and then type start doxygen in the project directory
* Removed sources are no longed automatically readded by the autosearch feature
* Added option to readd a removed/bad source from the queue window
* Added option to remove a user from all queued downloads from the transfer window

— 0.177 2002-06-07 —
* Improved performance on « File not available » (connection / slot is now kept)
* Remove source on « File Not Available » is no longer an option. Don’t ask why.
* Changed the queue back to the old behaviour, that files are downloaded in the order they’re added (to avoid
having all the smallest files of multiple unfinished directories)
* Fixed some queue random crash bugs
* Fixed the wrong transfer icon bug (I think…)
* Improved overall queue performance (again…=)
* Fixed a small bug that caused some unnecessary traffic to the hub (nmdc works this way, every time a user logs
on, his info is requested from the hub, but this request is unnecessary as the info is sent out automatically
to all users, in nmhub v1.0.25 at least…complain if I’m wrong…)
* Fixed the long shutdown time when a _very_ slow transfer was in progress
* Added some other minor bandwidth saving features (only the users that need to be updated are updated when
reviewing the user list after having closed it for a while)
* More potential connection timeout fixed (go, farcry, go!)
* Fixed some minor client-client protocol issues
* Fixed some more faulty « user offline » errors
* Made autosearch more effective (much less hub bandwidth usage…)
* Added a tiny splash sceen (no gfx, just text…)
* Added a search hit counter to the search spy
* Fixed a small redrawing bug in the tabs at the bottom
* Fixed the sort by slots in search results
* Fixed the slow upload speeds I think…at least it should be a bit better…
* Switched to…we’ll see if it’s any good…

— 0.176 2002-05-26 —
* Various optimizations of search handling and list sorting for better perfomance
* Fixed a small bug in the search frame
* Made « Full row select » default
* Fixed some serious random crash bugs
* Fixed a w95/98 bug that sometimes caused text not to be displayed
* Fixed some socket issues with worthless tcp implementations (read: win95/98/me) that don’t provide a decent buffer
* Worked some more on the socket handling in general
* Fixed a crash when trying to use an invalid %[…] log message
* Fixed some issues with online users being reported as offline
* Added option to disable the user listing. This saves _a lot_ of CPU, memory and bandwidth for both user and hub
(Note; this also disables hub share and user totals, as well as connection type in the search)
* Fixed some issues with reloading user lists
* Added so that autogranting upload slots is done with a minimum 30 second delay (to avoid slot races where everyone
gets a slot before the average upload has adjusted itself…)
* Limited description length to 35 characters (excluding the <++ tag...)
* Changed so that second « /away  » updates the away message instead of disabling away mode. « /away »
without message still enables default msg first time and disables away mode second…
* Fixed so that only one connection / hub is opened (even when being redirected…)
* Fixed a connection timeout bug (thanks farcry)
* Fixed the update speed of a few lists (thanks farcry)

— 0.175 2002-05-18 —
* Fixed a 100% cpu bug (thanks zc…stoopid nmdc hub, sending strange things…)
* Fixed dupe search filter
* Fixed bad total transfers info (you have to edit/remove dcplusplus.xml to make it display correct values
if 0.174 got it wrong)

— 0.174 2002-05-17 —
* Fixed a tray icon bug (thanks andreas kronquist)
* Fixed a minor search results bug (thanks andreas kronquist)
* Fixed a redirection bug
* Changed so that the average speed is calculated as a running average over the last 30 seconds (instead of
the whole transfer time…the value in the log file is still a whole file average)
* Added some advanced logging options (log format now customizable)
* Found a bug in the msvc7 optimizer…after a small workaround, my vc7-compiled build seems quite stable
* Search spammers are now ignored for 2 full minutes before they’re given responses again
* Fixed so that multiple search results from the same user are not shown
* Fixed a few case (in)sensistivity issues
* Huge performance increase on large queues with many sources / download
* Changed the order of downloads, smaller files with equal priority are now downloaded first
* Added two more priorities
* Tray icon is now redisplayed if explorer crashes
* Queue is now saved to a separate file, and updated 6 times as often (old queue will still be loaded in
this version)
* Fixed some minor hublist bugs
* Fixed unknown error 0x0 (I think…)
* Fixed min speed autogrant slot (was counting bytes instead of kilobytes…=)
* Fixed hidden directory sharing (not sharing…)
* Added a few icons to the search list
* Added some all time stats to the about window
* Fixed some searching issues
* Added quick links to files of the same size when selecting multiple files with same size in
the search (thanks patbateman)
* Added right-click menu to the directory bar in the download queue
* Fixed a crash when closing dc++
* Added support for dns names in the ip field in the active mode settings (untested)
* Users with same nick but on different hubs are no longer added to the queue
* Added an icon for the download queue (thanks zc), more icons to come

— 0.173 2002-04-29 —
* Fixed some minor debug mode bugs
* Fixed some vc7 compatibility issues, but some initial experiments show that there are stability problems
when compiling with optimization on…_STL::list seems to generate a lot of crashes…
* Fixed win95 missing explorer icons bug (?)
* Fixed the <16kb and file list extra slots bug
* Added some stuff to the search spy (useless features are the best…=)
* Fixed some hub counter issues, and updated the counter so that it only counts hubs that you’ve logged in to
at least once (this should lead to a more stable hub count, especially when connecting the first time…)
* Fixed automatic redirect following
* Improved user list performance and fixed a few user list bugs
* Fixed various user and share counting bugs
* Added file searching to directory listings
* Improved the autosearch algorithm a little bit
* Fixed some issues with autoconnecting to favorite hubs
* Changed the way rollback works, it is now more tightly integrated with write buffer size. Write buffer
size will now be used as a cutoff, so that the last bytes will be removed and then
bytes will be compared to see if it’s the same file. Recommended values for write buffer
is 64kb or your hard disk cluster size (Low-speed connectees might wish to use a lower buffer, as it
this many bytes are redownloaded if the file has to be resumed). If you set write buffering to 0 the old
(pre-writebuffering) routines will be used which are still considered safer (when ++ crashes…).
Recommended rollback is 1024 bytes, or 4096 if you want to be extra safe.
* Fixed search for alternates bug
* Fixed so that dupe searches are not added to the drop-down box
* Fixed some right-click bugs in the tab at the bottom
* Fixed tab click minimization bug when window was maximized
* Added minimize all windows (thanks Anton M)
* Improved viewing performance of most list views (less unneccesary sorting)
* Fixed bzip2 list file opening
* Disabled connecting to oneself. Use « open file list » to see what your share looks like!
* Added so that op:s always can download the file list (regardless of open slots)

— 0.172 2002-04-28 —
* Changed so that only bz-lists can be downloaded using the extra slot (since they’re smaller…)
* Fixed size column in download queue
* Added last known hub viewing for users that are offline (not saved between dc++ sessions, this would take too many resources…)
* Added /-commands to pm windows as well (most of them anyway…)
* Added /grant to pm window
* Added /close to close a window
* Added a very short /help message
* Added latest version to about dialog box
* Fixed windows maximization state change
* Added an option to use system icons when browsing files
* Added support for bzip2-compressed hub list downloading (also, the full hub list will only be available in bzip2 format to
ease the load on the dc++ list server)
* Added some info to the tooltip when dc++ is minimized to the tray (stats are for transfers only, hub traffic is not counted in…)
* Changed the slots info at the bottom to show free slots instead of taken (to avoid confusion when viewing the search results…)
* Added deleting from search results window (use the delete button on the keyboard…)
* Added option not to popup a new window for pm:s (message is shown in main chat instead unless there’s already a pm window open)
* Added opening of previously downloaded user file lists menu option
* Fixed some minor UI issues
* Set default sorting to nick in the users list
* Fixed a bug that caused some temporary files not to be deleted
* Increased number of search results returned when searching in active mode to 10 (instead of 5…10 is much better as you can search
for 10 disks at a time in a rar/ace-set), passive mode is still 5
* Added option to automatically open an extra slot if current upload speed is less than a certain kb/sec
* When sorting users by nick, op’s are now put on top/bottom (ascending/descending)
* Added automatic reindexing of file list every now and then…

— 0.171 2002-04-21 —
* Fixed version number in changelog and exe-file =)
* Fixed downloading bug
* Fixed queue frame size column
* Fixed favorite users right-click menu
* Fixed sort by file type in file list
* Fixed missing font settings

— 0.17 2002-04-20 —
* Fixed the disk full crash
* Fixed some minor memory handling issues
* Fixed sorting in the search frame
* Fixed window looks in winxp ugly mode (added manifest file kindly supplied by mike)
* Added right-click menu to the tab control
* Replaced the password dialog by a /-command in the main chat (to avoid problems with lost password dialog boxes)
* Changed so that a second « /away » disables away mode (/back is still working)
* File lists are now saved in a separate directory to avoid clutter in the main dc++ one…
* Added option to send status messages to main chat
* Added option to show joins/parts in main chat, and /showjoins command to toggle for the current hub
* Upgraded to new WTL, which should fix a lot of minor UI bugs. This should also make it possible to compile the application in VC7.
* Fixed a bug where multiple notepad frames were opened
* Source code reorganization, all UI specific code moved to a separate directory (to ease code maintenance and future unix port)
* Code cleanup, to be more compilant to the ISO C++ / C99 standard
* First test compile with gcc (note; does not mean that I’m porting to linux…this is just for fun…lotsa’ errors tho…)
* Fixed a potential file corruption issue
* Fixed a bug with write buffer size = 0
* Fixed some random crashes
* Fixed a bug where logs were not written if log directory was changed and DC++ not restarted
* Some more guessing at the 100% cpu bug…the fact that I never get it doesn’t make it easier…if someone could profile it…
* Fixed some issues with changing nicks while being connected to hubs / users
* Fixed some minor bugs in the incoming connection handling
* Fixed some transfer window reporting issues (a few more details on connection progress now…)
* Improved the search flood protection a bit
* Removed the public hublist multi-select feature (high abuse factor…)
* Added a file type column to the directory listing
* Fixed some errors in the up/download log
* Updated the queue frame
* Yet more internationalization, everything except the settings dialogs should be translatable now
* Improved the formatting of the output XML file
* Improved XML loading speed a lot
* Added a chevron menu to the tab bar at the bottom that shows the missing window tabs
* Added current search string to the title of the search window
* Fixed missing/bad connection type bug
* Fixed some user handling problems (when having the same nick on multiple hubs…)
* Added a second « users » string so that translating into finnish will work ok
* Fixed a small bug that might have caused some firewalls to complain (UDP packets were sometimes being sent to port 0)
* Added abilitly to use bzip2 compressed file lists resulting in _a lot_ faster file list downloads (bzip2 compresses 2-4 times better than
the simple huffman encoding done in nmdc. Note; this requires DC++ >0.164 in both ends and was mainly added to test the protocol extension
scheme, but should be fairly useful for all the low bandwidth people out there…
* Added an optional annoying noise when a private chat window is opened and / or when a pm is received
* Changed the way notepad is saved, old notepad contents will disappear when you update from older versions

— 0.163 2002-04-04 —
* More internationalization
* Added public hublist filter
* Minor UI fixes
* Changed error messages in public hubs frame
* Fixed some minimize to tray issues (window popping up…)
* Reduced flicker in the bottom tabs when resizing window
* Added simultaneous downloads limit option, as well as max download speed to start new downloads
* Added a favorite users frame
* Added proxy support for downloading the hub list
* Fixed a crash when loading invalid hub lists
* Added transfer window sorting
* Fixed kicking the same user multiple times from search
* Added last kick/redirect reason to the search frame as well
* Reordered some of the right-click menus so that « dangerous » options are at the end
* Worked some on the cpu bug, should a bit better now…
* Fixed a bug where some data was unnecessarily requested from the hub, causing a little extra load (thanks dan kline)
* Added some new menu options to the help menu
* Added search spy window with counter
* Added NMDC queue importing (thanks luca rota)
* Added some simple logging, more will probably come…
* Removed option to keep finished downloads in queue (replaced by log…and yes, the log will be improved later on…)

— 0.162 2002-03-18 —
* Fixed another hub counting bug (this is becoming annoying…gee, I should be sleeping…=)
* Fixed a bug where the kick message was not sent correctly

— 0.161 2002-03-18 —
* Fixed a hub counting bug (this should also reduce the number of redunant description updates, thus lessening the load on the hub)
* Hopefully fixed the 100% cpu bug (found a very likely candidate at least…=)

— 0.16 2002-03-15 —
* Fixed a resource leak that might have caused the sudden deaths (thanks carxor)
* Added saving of last kick & redirect reasons (and server…)
* Added hub name to the password dialog
* Changed default port to 1412, should improve compatibility with a lot of firewalls
(that only allow incoming data on port >1024)
* Updated user handling, issues related to diffent users with same nick should work out better now
(also increased performance in user handling) (Major change…)
* Fixed some minor ui bugs
* Added options to ignore or popup messages from bots and other offline users
* Fixed some more minor memory and resource leaks
* Improved incoming search performance, also fixed some minor search result bugs
* Improved general window updating performance (when getting info about users and closing windows)
* Should have fixed the scroll problem (although I’ve never experienced it myself…)
* Increased time between kickmsg and actual kick…wonder if it’s enough or needs to be increased more…
* Fixed a bug where files that already existed on the target location were being added to the queue
* Did some more work on the queue managment to reduce crash frequency
* Improved file transfer perfomance a bit
* Fixed so that priorities are saved / loaded
* Improved rollback buffering, the app now discards the last bytes, and
then checks the bytes before that for inconsistensies.
* Fixed so that the correct edit box gets the focus when switching windows
* Fixed a bug with renaming share directory names when refreshing
* Some code cleanup
* Added option to keep duplicate files in the dclist (but their sizes are not added to the file share total in any case)
* More random crashes fixed
* Added timestamps to private frames as well
* Added possibility to change column order and widths
* Added write buffering to reduce fragmentation when downloading multiple files
* New search window with new search options (file types, free slots)
* A first go at internationalization…many of the texts in DC++ can now be changed by loading a different language XML
* Added some information to the description field, <++ V:x,M:x,H:x,S:x> where V = client version, M = mode (a=active, p=passive)
H=number of hubs connected to where you’re not a registered user, S=number of slots you have open. This is updated every 10-15 minutes.
* Small performance increase in loading dclists (thanks geoff)
* Added total queue size and number of queue items to the download queue window
* Added path column to download queue
* Added a limit so that only 15 users and 1 op kan be kicked at a time from the hub user list
* Fixed the download directory name bug

— 0.154 2002-02-25 —
* Added passive user detection, those that are behind a set of bricks are passive.
(detected when the user searches or tries to connect to you)
* Added a primitive search history
* Fixed a slot freeing bug
* Added option to grant extra slots to specific users
* Changed order of kick message sending, to increase the chances of the user actually getting the message
* Improved XML loading speed a bit (there’s more to be done if necessary…)
* Fixed some XML parser bugs
* The XML is now backed up before writing a new one, so that you don’t lose your queue when ++ crashes
* Added a quick-fix so that the XML file can be displayed in ie…
* Fixed crash when trying to send a message to an unconnected hub
* Fixed some random crashes
* Fixed default download folder error (when missing  »)
* Fixed multiline posting
* Reworked ip detection once more, should now be able to detect changing ip’s as well…
* Fixed various invalid display bugs in the download queue
* Fixed missing users and bots in the user list
* Upgraded STLport (4.5.3 now…)
* Hopefully fixed the growing threads issue
* Fixed the connection type icon being reported to nmdc users
* Partially fixed the connection timeout bug (++ now correctly shows reconnection attempts…)
* Added chat timestamps (/ts)
* Added exit confirmation dialog (optional)
* Fixed search bug when part of the search string was in the directory and part of it was in the filename
* Added dupe file removal, files with same name and size are automatically removed from your share
* Fixed another search results bug

— 0.153 2002-02-11 —
* Fixed some potential deadlocks
* Fixed some potential crashes
* Code cleanup, no more level 4 warnings
* New STL (STLport 4.5.1), to improve standards compatibility and stability (major change…)
* Added new favorites properties dialog
* Added possibility to add unlisted hubs to favorites
* Fixed a lot of minor instability issues
* Added a slot counter to the status bar, shows the number of taken slots
* Fixed the memory leak
* Fixed a search bug
* Fixed a rollback bug

— 0.152 2002-02-07 —
* Fixed a queue saving bug (resulting in overwritten resumes…yes, this is _the_ resume bug…)
* Improved network efficiency and application responsivness
* Started improving the threading, which will result in less crashes.
* Fixed disconnection from hubs at startup
* Hopefully fixed « unknown error 0x2747 », please report if you get « Ran out of buffer space »
* Fixed circular pm:s (away messages are now only sent once per user when the window is opened, and only when he/she initiates the pm session…)
* Hopefully fixed pm away message crashes
* Fixed annoying scroll in hub window (when scolling up to view previous messages)
* Added option to minimize to tray
* Fixed a connection timeout bug
* Fixed « Get User List » in transfer window crash
* Fixed _some_ of the random crashes
* DCLists are now removed from the download queue even if « keep finished downloads » is set…
* Fixed bug where dc++ continued to try to establish a connection to a user even though there were no downloads in the queue
* Fixed a bug where connections were not correctly removed from the transfer window
* Added options to disable automatic opening of queue and public hub list windows
* Fixed full row select in queue window
* Fixed multiple copies of the same user as download source
* Removed many of the annoying error boxes. The error message now appears in the status bar.

— 0.151 2002-02-03 —
* Fixed stupid resume file bug (abnormal progam termination…)

— 0.15 2002-02-03 —
* Added a new queue window, to reduce clutter in the transfer window at the bottom
* Totally reworked the queue managment code, queue related bugs should now be a lot easier to find…=)
* Added a check to ensure the minimum 1 slot
* Added option to keep finished downloads in the queue
* Fixed a small error with the rollback
* Fixed incorrect search results for nm search by file type
* Fixed lost slot problem, slots are now kept until the connection is broken (note; you do not get a slot for downloading the
dc list, only when you start downloading real files…)
* Fixed another small incompatibility with search results
* Fixed description cheat
* Added download priorities
* Fixed redirect compatibility
* Fixed dns resolution bug (for url:s beginning with a number)
* Added option to filter away kick messages from the chat window
* Fixed a memory leak when reconnecting to hubs
* User list is now cleared upon hub disconnection
* Added /clear in the chat
* Added /away and /back (no, you don’t have to specify an away message, there’s a default…)
* Added private message to search window menu
* I’ve not had much time to test the new features, but hey, that’s what I have you users for…=)

— 0.14 2002-01-26 —
* Fixed upload slots bug
* Fixed download resume bug
* Fixed security bug (allowing people to download arbitrary files on the hd…thanx Simon E.)
* Added new settings dialog
* Added client version option
* Added rollback size option
* Added auto-follow redirects option
* Removed some level 4 warnings when compiling
* Almost made compatible with VC++ 7.0 (You still have to change one line in the WTL to compile due to changes in ATL…)
* Fixed some performance issues with large download queues (the app was doing a lot of unnecessary saving…). This should also
solve the problems people have had with unsaved settings…
* Corrected transfer list display (Offline/Online users)
* Added search flood detection (If more than 5 searches are received from the same user within 7 seconds, DC++ will send
out a warning)
* Added /dc++, /search , /slots #, /refresh and /join commands in the main chat
* Added option to disable clearing of the search box
* Added option to select full rows in all list boxes
* Added option to automatically remove download sources if « File Not Available » is received
* Fixed close hub window bug
* Hopefully fixed another crash bug
* Added text and background color selection
* Added font selection (Only for chat windows so far…)
* Added option to remove hidden files from share
* Increased the size of the toolbar icons a bit
* Fixed another bug where users could download files that were not shared

— 0.132 2002-01-21 —
* Fixed a bug when downloading tiny file lists (people with 0b share…)
* Removed the empty line in the chat windows
* Set default focus in the chat window to the box where messages are entered
* Fixed aborted uploads bug
* Fixed the add similar directory bug
* Added sound when new private message window opens
* Added hub address to hub frame title
* Added bold text in the window tabs whenever chat text changes…
* Added time stamp to private messages
* Fixed a bug where DC++ was returning bad search results (« At least » was not working correctly)
* Because of a design flaw in the original dc client, I had to remove the small files and dc list extra slots
feature for original dc users, but hey, it’s their loss really (there’s a problem with file listings closing
just because « no free slots » is reported as soon as they try to download)
* Fixed a private message crash
* Added automatic saves every time the download list changes (now you only have to hope it doesn’t crash while saving…=)
* Added notepad (stupid feature really, what’s wrong with windows’ notepad?) (only visible in menu so far…)
* Fixed missing close button on pm window (I think…can’t find a window without at least…)

— 0.131 2002-01-20 —
* Fixed the lock at start bug
* Fixed the write to full disk bug (hopefully…)
* Fixed a small transfer queue bug
* Added an icon for the « follow redirect » thing…will probably change soon…
* Added a maximum dc list slots (3 more than currently open slots…)

— 0.13 2002-01-19 —
* Added directory listing sort
* Fixed missing ‘\’ in the default download directory bug
* Fixed a small bug where search responses sometimes reported -1 free slots
* Fixed « Download to… » bug in search frame
* Fixed some application lockups
* Fixed some random crashes
* Fixed a bug in the user connection procuedure
* Fixed data corruption bug (in rare cases, dc++ was filling files with « $send »)
* Changed the default directory in « Download to… » to the default download directory (instead of « My Computer »)
* Added op commands in search window
* Added « Download to » for each file of the same size already in the download queue
* Reorganized transfers menu
* Running downloads are now moved to top of transfer list, and running uploads are put at bottom
* Files smaller than 16k and file lists are now downloaded before any larger ones from the same user
* More work on the multihub feature
* More work on the resume rollback, it should now work a bit better
* Made sure that the settings file is never shared (DCPlusPlus.xml)
* Reworked local ip discovery, hopefully it will work better on machines with multiple ip’s…
* Made sure transfers stop when the disk is full (also added more verbose file error messages)
* Users can now download files <16kb and file lists regardless of free slots (!)
* Readded tooltips for the toolbar buttons
* Added a « Follow last redirect » to the menu (will add to toolbar later on)

— 0.122 2002-01-16 —
* Fixed search bug
* Hopefully fixed download bug, please report…

— 0.121 2002-01-15 —
* Fixed resume bug
* Fixed rollback bug
* Fixed upload slots bug
* Fixed some minor download queue bugs
* Tried a different approach to the download problems in 0.12. When implementing different user nicks on different hubs,
I had to change some of the download code to something that I’m not sure will work with the original client,
that’s why you’ve had so many problems with 0.12. Please remember that this is still alpha software, and that
I release these versions this frequently so that 1) you have the latest of the latest and 2) so that I have someone
who does the testing for me to speed up development…anyway, keep on reporting them bugs and one day, they will be gone!!

— 0.12 2002-01-14 —
* Improved search efficiency a tiny bit
* Changed default option in the search window to ‘At Least’. All files are at least 0 bytes long anyway…
* Added file extension field in the search frame
* Fixed a bug where the application could stop working if a right-button menu was displayed
* Added PM and browse file list to uploads right button menu as well
* Huge performance increase in the user list (most noticeable when connecting to the hub and getting the initial list…)
* More general ui performance fixes, it should now be a lot more responsive even when the cpu load is significant
* Fixed empty search fields bug (I hope…)
* Fixed some of the random crashes (major code rewrite, so I might have introduced some new ones…we’ll see…=)
* Changed background color to white (or whatever you have as window color), don’t worry though, soon you’ll be able to choose it yourselves…
* Fixed case of connection type strings
* The bots are now visible in the user list (Seems like they don’t answer to getinfo requests…)
* Added user connection type to search frame
* New icons and colors for the user interface (Thanx mongomaster…)
* Fixed menu bug in NT4, hopefully it works in W95 as well now…btw, I’m considering removing the menu…
* Fixed multiple connections per user bug
* Fixed remove last source bug
* Added list of favorite hubs
* Added right-button menu to Public Hubs
* Added auto-connect feature for favorites
* Added automatic password for favorites
* Added option to use different user names for different hubs (unknown stability, might work, might not…)
* Added a new developer, peli…
* Changed some of the keyboard shortcuts
* Limited the buffer for the chat windows to 20000 characters, after that it will start removing lines from the top (untested…)
* Added a graphics fellow/developer, mongomaster

— 0.11 2002-01-08 —
* Fixed annoying reconnect bug
* Fixed annoying Private Messaging bug
* Fixed search filtering bug
* Fixed search sorting bug
* Made more compatible with Win95 (Right-button menus should now work there as well…haven’t tested though)
* Fixed some other minor bugs
* Resume rollback, DC++ now checks the last 1024 bytes for exact match when resuming and aborts the download on failure
* Added a separator between each user in the transfer right button menu (I’ll do something better later on…)
* Added some keyboard shortcuts
* Public hubs automatically appears on startup
* Thanks for all the bug reports and feature request, keep on adding them!
* DC++ will now detect other DC++ users as soon as a connection attempt is made…look out for blue icons…=)

— 0.10 2002-01-06 —
* Search results sorting
* Multiple selections in search results
* Removed some diagnostic messages
* Default action in search window is now file download, not list download
* Only one downloading connection per user now