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DC++ 0.261

Une nouvelle version du client direct connect en open source est disponible. Lisez la suite pour consulter la liste deschangements…

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Source : Le site officiel du projet DC++

— 0.261 2003-07-15 —
* Fixed user list problems (dc++ was too fast for nmdch)
* Fixed a queue frame crash

— 0.26 2003-07-15 —
* Search for alternates now sets file type as well (and should work correctly with sizes…)
* Search now returns results for exact size matches on at least/most searches
* Some minor fixes
* Fixed a crash on adding items to the queue
* Progress bar now has different color for selected items
* Added notification for which file was not available for downloading
* Added H: to main window status bar
* Hub developers: Added section about $Supports scheme for client-hub communication to extensions.txt that
dc++/dch++ will (probably) use to extend the protocol (if it ever happens =).
* Default hub list now points to one that works
* Minor code cleanups
* M:5 in the ++ tag means socks5 mode (this should have worked since 0.20…)
* If no nick is set the settings dialog pops up at startup (to help newbies…)
* Added a smarter queue tree display, to make it less deep
* Fixed downloading of files with ? and * in name
* Fixed downloading of filelists from users with in name
* ADLSearch: Added Break on first option and special ‘discard’ target (see help) (by henrik as usual)
* Added time left and speed columns to transfer window
* Add to favorite user available from search frame
* ++ tag is now shown in a separate column in the hub frame
* Different tab types are now colored differently (some day I might actually make the colors configurable…)
* Tabs are back at using the system menu font instead of the custom one
* Added tab completition in hub frame, turn it off in advanced settings to get old tab behaviour (it can also
be used as a user search…)
* Added move up/down controls to favorite hubs
* Added options to open the finished downloads and favorite hubs window at startup
* Fixed a bug where bad results were being given when searching for directories