Des vues sur la XBox et… Half-Life 3 ?

Infos-du-Net.comDans une interview de Doug Lombardi, réalisée par DriverHeaver.Net, on apprend que Half-Life 2 sera porté sur la XBox puisque la version est en développement.
On apprend également qu’une fois que Half-Life 2 sera sorti, et son succès assuré (après un temps de repos mérité), il se peut que l’univers d’Half-Life 2 soit réutilisé.

[ DH ] What are the plans for Half-Life 2 on other platforms? And how soon can we expect to see any ports?

[ Doug Lombardi ] An Xbox version is in the works, but I can’t give you an exact date right now. We’re in touch with all the console platform holders and would like to bring the game to as many platforms as make sense.


[ DH ] If (when 😉 ) Half-Life 2 is successful and meets expectations will there be a Half-Life 3? More specifically; are there any plans for a part three now?

[ Doug Lombardi ] We’re focused on finishing HL2 at the moment. But once we’re finished with that, and had some time to rest, we have more stories we’d like to tell in the HL2 universe.

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Source : DameChaos