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DivX 5.2.1 et Dr. DivX 1.0.6

Le célèbre codec DivX passe à sa version 5.2.1. Compatible avec le SP2 de Windows, ce dernier est fourni avec la dernière version du lecteur DivX Player 2.5.5.

Rapellons que le codec est disponible en 2 versions : Pro et Free. La première, payante, permet une meilleure qualité de compression et de lecture, et est fourni sans espions (spyware). Pour la version Free, donc gratuite, vous devrez vous contentez de tous les espions installés en même temps que celui-ci…

Par ailleurs, Dr. DivX, logiciel qui permet la compression de vos fichiers AVI ou autres au format DivX, sort dans sa version finale estampillée 1.0.6.

Coté nouveauté, quelques corrections de bugs et une compatibilité total avec le SP2.

Télécharger DivX Pro 5.2.1 (7.06 mo) : pour Win 2000/XP | pour Win98/Me
Télécharger DivX Free 5.2.1 (7.32 mo) : pour Win 2000/XP | pour Win98/Me
Télécharger Dr. DivX 1.0.6 (8.97 mo) : pour Win98/Me/2000/XP


DivX Pro 5.2.1 :
• New:
– Installer option to enable generic MPEG-4 playback component
– Support for Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2
– Includes DivX Player 2.5.5
• Fixed:
– The update application to allow update checks when system locale is not supported
– The registration application to notify the user when they are already registered
• Fixed (Encoder):
– A long pause which occurred after opening the codec configuration dialog
– A 1-pixel vertical wobble when de-interlacing source
– An issue where the codec could forget its ‘registered’ or ‘6 month trial’ status
– A glitch where Pro features were still selectable, but unusable after trial expired
– The trial expired message to show every time a trials expires
• Fixed (Decoder):
– A rare crash that occurred with some types of content
– Black distortions which appeared during playback
– An issue where blocks were skipped when video contained multiple consecutive B-frames
– A stall that occurred with some media players during DivX playback or on exit
– An issue causing Explorer to run slowly when showing thumbnails of DivX files
– The Japanese Decoder Configuration to no longer show corrupt text

DivX Free 5.2.1 :
• New:
– Localized versions for French, German and Japanese
– Built-in bitrate calculator
– Update checking tool
– Automatic update notification for the DivX encoder
– Fast mode, revamped for better performance, compression and quality
– 3 point GMC support in the DivX decoder
• Improved:
– Smooth playback supporting multiple consecutive B-frames
– Quantizer, now using quant scale in video packets
• Fixed (Encoder):
– A rare issue where rate control sometimes inserted Q=31 frames in video combining low light conditions, high bitrate and specific motion patterns
– Fastest mode to respect the user-specified average bitrate (Old “Fastest” behavior can be obtained by disabling profiles and performing 1-Pass, Quality-based encoding with Q=3)
• Fixed (Decoder):
– A crash occurring in some rare cases with clips that have dimensions divisible only by 2 and use YUY2 color mode
– Black screen when decoding old buggy MPEG-4 clips that lack VOL header
– Internal flush operation with “Smooth playback” feature
– Intra inverse quantization (type 1)
– Support for generic MPEG-4 (XVID and 3ivX)
– Data partitioning clip
– Deblocking to no longer cause solid blocks to appear during playback
– DivX decoder to always play DivX video

Dr. DivX 1.0.6 :
• New:
– Dr. DivX can be purchased at a discount from trial mode if a registered version of DivX Pro is installed
– Dr. DivX 1.0.6 now supports Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2
– Dr. DivX 1.0.6 now includes DivX Pro 5.2.1
– Dr. DivX 1.0.6 now includes DivX Player 2.5.5
• Fixed:
– An issue where Dr. DivX would ignore custom crop settings
– An issue where the update application detected the registered version of Dr. DivX as a trial version
– An issue where the audio decoder sometimes interfered with other installed software
– An issue where pressing « Enter » on the registration screen closed the window instead of submitting information
– An issue where « Keep AC3 » and « Boost Audio » could be selected together
– An issue where a registered version of Dr. DivX 1.0.5 would show up as a trial in Auto Update

Source : Newdimension-FR