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eMule 0.28a

Une nouvelle version de client edonkey eMule, le changelog est enorme, lisez la suite pour le consulter…

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Source : Le site officiel du projet eMule

– April 15th, 2003 –
Sony/bluecow: tweaked hashing algorithm, should be less CPU intensive now
VQB: long UL sessions checked for not « full chunk » method
VQB: prevent multiple checks of directories when hashing (khaos)

– April 14th, 2003 –
VQB: added Total UL/DL ratio to statstree

– April 13th, 2003 –
bluecow:Redid « Add Friend » dialog.
bluecow:Added « Detail » dialog for not connected friends. If a friend is currently connected, the details function shows the « Client Details » dialog.

– April 12th, 2003 –
Unk: Receive Hard and Soft file limit for servers.
Unk: Server list was not updated when a server description was received.
bluecow:Workaround for columns resizing to zero width when double clicking on divider.
bluecow:Fixed bug where unwanted client could become a friend.
bluecow:Fixed bug with OP_ASKSHAREDFILESDIR where remote client does not get the shared files from a folder which has no trailing backslash.
bluecow:Support for viewing remote client’s shared directories in search results.
bluecow:Fixed bug where client changed from HighID to LowID and receives still the old HighID of itself via source exchange and wanted to connect to itself.

– April 11th, 2003 –
bluecow:Unified all message boxes.
bluecow:Optimized drawing and sorting functions for several list controls.
bluecow:Fixed bug in source exchange where client gets no sources as long as it does not have at least one complete part.
bluecow:Little optimization on loading of server.met
bluecow:Implementation of eDonkey protol message OP_END_OF_DOWNLOAD
bluecow:Several small code changes and potential bug fixes due to temporary compiling with warning level 4!

– April 9th, 2003 –
bluecow:Fixed bug when requesting hashset and remote client does not answer immediatly with the hashset.
bluecow:Fixed heap corruption when receiving a server’s OP_SERVERIDENT without any strings

– April 7th, 2003 –
Ornis: Categories: Doubleclick opens category-preferences; Category shown as downloadlist column (optional)
Ornis: Category: new priority preference – new assigned files get this priority
Ornis: Category: resume next paused download in the same category (optional & manual)
Ornis,bluecow: MLDonkey better recognized
Ornis: Red warning rating icon is shown when more than 1/3 of the ratings are bad

– April 6th, 2003 –
bluecow:New first run time wizard.
bluecow:Hotfix for partfiles getting too large.
bluecow:Fixed credit score ratio computation for clients which have transfered >4GB to an other individual client. (thx le_fred+Harvey56)

– April 5th, 2003 –
bluecow:New log window with a rotating log, max. nr. of lines can be specified in preferences.ini (MaxLogMessages=; =-1 … unlimited)
Ornis: Webserver: downloadlist shows priorities of files and the controls to change it
Ornis: Webserver serves images. Local files (contained in binary zip & self installer) are now used for webserver display

– April 4rd, 2003 –
Ornis: Removed unnecessary repaint (&program-freeze) of the statistic graphs

– April 3rd, 2003 –
bluecow:Fixed bug with message box « An attempt was made to access an unnamed file ». Instead of that message box the log entry « Invalid or corrupted packet received » is created.
bluecow:Minor speed improvements by replacing many functions which deal with MD4 hashs.
bluecow:Added small hex dump log output for unknown opcodes (Maella).
bluecow:Double click in all client related listview controls opens client detail dialogs.
bluecow:Double clicking on download filename opens file details dialog.
bluecow:Sources found during local server and UDP searching are stored and eventually added to the download file.
bluecow:If adding a file to donwloads from a remote clients file list, the remote client is added as a source.
bluecow:SearchList: Already downloaded files (found in known.met) are shown with an appropriate color.
bluecow:SearchWnd: Last typed in server-met URL is saved in preferences.

– April 1st, 2003 –
bluecow:Fixed deadlock when canceling an HTTP download of server.met
Ornis: Tooltips over cat-tabs displays some summary information of that category
Ornis: optional display of the cat-tabs as « Title (loading/Filecount) » (Preferences->Display)
Ornis: Statusbar doubleclick: e.g. Log-Pane shows complete line in MessageBox, MessageIcon opens the message-window
Ornis: Show webserverstatus in the « MyInfo »-box, incl. current active sessions

– March 30th, 2003 –
Ornis: Webserver: fixed sorting transferlist by progress
Ornis: Save category-setup during runtime (avoid loosing settings)
Ornis: Date and time representation appropriate for locale

– March 28th, 2003 –
Ornis: Webserver: Dont allow guests to clear the logs
Ornis: Webserver: server-search control via webserver & start downloads
Ornis: Wevservertemplate: set file-settings are saved now
Ornis: more shortcuts for the lists: Ctrl+A selects the whole list; downloadlist +,-,Cursor left/right to expand&collapse sources of files

– March 26th, 2003 –
Ornis: Uploads-Tooltip better display of transferred data
Ornis: new: Scheduler, to plan settingchanges & actions
Ornis: select the webserver-template as preference

– March 26th, 2003 –
Ornis: Webserver, portchange restarts webserver automatically [cax2]
Ornis: Webserver, disable guestlogin reacts immediately
Ornis: Some potential (certain circumstances) exitcrashes fixed [2bottleMOD]