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eMule Kademlia 0.42f

Une nouvelle version d’eMule basée sur le réseau Kademlia est sortie, pour rappel, ce logiciel est le remplaçant d’eMule premier du nom et permet d’échanger des fichiers musicaux, vidéos, etc. avec d’autres utilisateurs connectés sur le réseau et ce à travers le monde entier. A cette version d’eMule Kademlia 0.42f, on note des corrections de bugs (notemment des fuites de mémoire…) et quelques améliorations… Voir la suite pour les changements.

Télécharger eMule Kademlia 0.42f (1.66 mo)

Bugs fixés :

Fixed a bug which could cause a too fast queue rotation when not using the option « try to upload full chunks » for uploading
Fixed bug in Kad tag name string compare which was dependent to locales with multi byte character pages. [thx Big Mamma]
Fixed bug with general string compares which were dependent on locale. (Note: Depending on your locale, you may experience somewhat different sorting orders for strings.)
Fixed issue of jumping category tooltips
If you reconnect to a server, all your shares would not get published unless something in your share list changed..(fixed) (thanks lugdunummaster)
Fixed a bug that allowed you to do a more command in search to the wrong search window.
Fixed another crash bug with renaming of completed files in transfere window.
Fixed bug in global server searches which could send endless name queries in some rare situations. [thx lugdunum]
Fixed bugs with « Last Reception Time » and DST fix.
Fixed small bug with AutoTakeEd2kLinks.
Fixed a window resizing crash bug in Message window.
Disabled extracting meta data from OGM/OGG files due to many bug reports about problems with according DirectShow filters.
Fixed bug with error message boxes which could show up due to a remote search invocation.
some minor GUI addons & corrections
Proper parsing of unused eD2K meta data tag types.
Fixed memory leak with known files entries and invalid hashsets in general [thx bzubzu.]
Fixed sorting bugs in Known Client listview control.
fixed search for webinterface

Changements :

Added file error handling for writing of onlinesig.dat file.
Added 2 more statistics to category tooltips
If a client doesn’t respond to udp packets after a few times, we force only tcp connections.
Increased the maximum number of upload slots to accomidate high rate connections.
Added context menu to closeable tab control in Search Results, Message and IRC Chat windows to have another way to closeing the tabs.
Changed several areas of the code to help with *.*.*.0 clients that is labeled a lowID in the ed2k network.
Updated MobileMule protocol to 0.8a
Kad user estimate is no longer based on Overnet’s user count as the numbers appear to be to high.. (Numbers may still look to high for some users, will try to improve this as we go..)
Several changes in client statistics: detailed aMule version stats, added lphant client detection, cDonkey moved to eMule Compatible and more…
Numeric search parameters are checked for reasonable values to avoid invalid search expressions.
Completed shared files which are deleted from Shared Files window are also removed from Transfer window.
Added download statistics for UDP file reask.
added category selector to the ed2k-box
Client chat and IRC chat messages are limited to 450 characters.
Kad Publishes now stop in real time to avoid some overhead.
Removed syntax coloring from search expression control (caused too much trouble for some languages).
Added Ctrl+C keyboard shortcuts in all list views for copying eD2K links to clipboard.
Added Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut for pasting servers from clipboard to server list view.
Removed Jigle search methods.

Améliorations :

eMule is now able to drop privileges and run on a secure user account on Win 2k/XP, when started as administrator (can be enabled in preferences -> security)
Added searching for eD2K file hashs on eD2K servers. To search for a file hash, either enter « ed2k:: » or the complete ed2k link. [thx lugdunum]
Added capability to publish files on ed2k servers with new meta data tags. [thx lugdunum]
Added docking/floating search parameters window to search dialog.
Added context sensitive help

Source : eMule-Project