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GetRight 4.5d [MAJ]

Une nouvelle version de GetRight vient de sortir, avec beaucoup de nouveautés et de bugs fixés…

Voici les nouveautés :

Bigger Ones
Fix a few possible causes of some crashes.
Fix that redirections did not always work right with Windows NT, 2000 and XP.
Fix occasionally stopping at 99% done with Windows NT, 2000 and XP.
Whole List
Lycos shutdown their FTPSearch service. 🙁 Removed it from the drop-down-lists in GetRight. There are a few other FTP Search services, but many of those are country-specific, so just list servers in Spain for example. Fortunately, we did create our own FileMirrors service awhile ago, there are more than enough people using it and sharing URLs that it always has a good database of mirrors. You might want to switch over–on the Mirror Search config page in GetRight.
If the identical URL is caught more than once by click monitoring within a second or two, ignore the later ones–some sites can do this by opening new windows, or a user can by double-clicking a link, etc.
Trim any http:// or ftp:// from the Proxy server name if a user enters it.
Might cause a crash (didn’t crash when I tried–but it’s possible) if try to segment toward the very end of a file–and trying to do more processes than there are bits left to do. Added a check to limit better.
Bug in the Daily Downloads handling GRX file imports–didn’t work.
Fix a little one to trim extra spaces at the end of a directory name.
Fix so if an error connecting, it removes the name from its Lookup cache.
Added so importing treats a few other types as text-lists of URLs. (.RAM)
Changed some error handling–keep trying to find and fix some rare crashes.
Fix handling of some sites that disconnect quick (mostly for redirecting to the real file) when running under NT/2000/XP. Strangely, 95/98/ME seemed to work fine.
Fix so if you stop a segment, the URL/message shows the URL in case was some « waiting » message counting down.
Little addition, if hold the SHIFT key down when clicking the « Minimize to Tray Icon » button, it Hides the window.
Added known DNS2Go servers (and a registry key for adding more) so it won’t cache the name-lookups for them.
Added so « process this HTML page in the Browser » prompts have a checkbox for « No and don’t ask again. »
Finally someone figured why the « always on top » for the drag-and-drop window sometimes got messed up. (Picking the menu to open the Drag-Drop window when it was already there lost the « on-top ».)
Created a custom MessageBox window for all messages instead of the Windows one. Mine can do a countdown timer–should really help so error messages won’t block things forever. (Plus added a « retry » to a few items…like the « connection error » one so you can try a reconnect with one click instead of two.) And a cooler « countdown button ».
Added registry keys so you can send « Accept-Language: » « Accept-Charset: » « Accept-Encoding: » lines in the HTTP request if you want. And a few other registry keys to include any line you want in the HTTP request.
HttpAcceptLanguage = value to send, like en-us
HttpAcceptCharset = value to send
HttpAcceptEncoding = value to send
HttpExtraHeader = line to send, like Pragma: custom-one
HttpExtraHeader2 = line to send, like Pragma: custom-two
HttpExtraHeader3 = line to send, like Pragma: custom-three
Another conversion to try and avoid problems with & instead of & in the GetRight Browser.
Fixed a bug with the Verify functions and some websites.
Restoring Download window from tray icons didn’t restore the « On Top » if set.
Change how clearing all History items deletes the downloaded file History.
Added a « Cleanup » for History so can remove any entries whose file has been already deleted.
Fix History so if file does not exist, it doesn’t give a message on Delete.
Fix how redirection was handled for one case.
Added some more exceptions for NOT adding URLs as mirrors if they point to the same filename (any image types, SETUP.EXE, etc.)
Fix Browser to save current page as the Referer right.

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