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Mirc 6.11

Infos-du-Net.comUne nouvelle version de Mirc est sortie ! Des bugs fixés sur cette monture 6.11, lisez la suite pour voir les changements (en anglais).

Télécharger Mirc 6.11 (1.17 mo)

Source : Le site officiel Mirc

Liste des changements :
1.Fixed channel folders join bug, wasn’t setting focus on a channel window properly.
2.Fixed raw on/off not setting/unsetting red dot in remote toolbar button.
3.Fixed /fwrite text display bug.
4.Fixed $duration(N,3) bug with large values.
5.Fixed $base() bug when converting decimal places from one base to another by limiting the maximum precision allowed.
6.Fixed /hdec bug.
7.Fixed /mkdir bug.
8.Fixed $os, now returns 2003 instead of .NET.
9.Added language selection option to agents speech dialog. Must have the required agent language compenent installed.
10.Fixed /qmsg /qme display bug if not on a channel.
11.Undid change relating to firewall exclude list, in some cases mIRC has to depend on the socks5 server to resolve the address.
12.Fixed switchbar option via View menu not showing/hiding minimized window icons.
13.Fixed servers popup menu gpf bug.
14.Undid $submenu() change.
15.Fixed $comcall() $dllcall() gpfing with insufficient parameters.
16.Fixed favorites recent menu bug displaying channel keys.
17.Fixed Control+KN color bug when N was larger than 15.
18.Fixed favorites folder display of folder icons.
19.Favorites folder now allows multiple selection.
20.Fixed switchbar display bug when displaying the dcc send/get progress bar.
21.Fixed multi-byte mark/copy display bug.
22.Fixed gpf when attempting to load a corrupted png file.
23.Fixed bug with binary variables being unset too early in some situations.
24.Fixed identifier warning feature triggering on remote identifiers outside of remote events.
25.Fixed /color changes not being saved correctly.
26.Changed control/ignore dialog, now displays unignore seconds instead of minutes.
27.Fixed status window titlebar not showing « logging on » message when first connecting to a server.
28.Fixed /server not using the specified port.
29.mIRC no longer performs a soft disconnect.
30.Fixed right-click channel/query popup menus sometimes using incorrect nickname.
31.Fixed keys not working in popup menu items that don’t use the & prefix.
32.Empty lines in popup menu scripts are no longer removed.
33.Fixed custom dialog tab control display bug.
34.Fixed Right-Alt key bug. Still works correctly as AltGr on keyboard layouts that use AltGr.
35.Added $sorttok(text,a) switch which sorts both text and numbers in a list. $sorttok(text,n) now behaves as it did in previous versions.
36.Changed /away handling, and fixed $awaytime.
37.Changed various API file-handling calls to c-runtime counterparts due to API calls resulting in some strange behaviours (most likely due to buffering) when used intensively.
38.Fixed duplicate separators bug in popup menus.
39.Fixed $highlight().color returning incorrect color index. If no color is selected, returns index for Normal text color.
40.Changed /fopen behaviour, now fails if file doesn’t exist. The -n switch creates a new file, fails if it exists. And -o creates a new file, overwrites if it exists.
41.$fopen() now returns $null if you reference a name that does not exist.
42.Fixed $md5() bug with plain text containing % characters.
43.Nick color list now uses the ignore/protect/etc. lists even if ignore/protect/etc. in the control dialog are not enabled.
44.Address book whois section no longer strips control codes.
45.Control+M in the Script Editor now displays the More dialog. The Editbox in the More dialog now performs auto-completion.
46.Fixed « move server to top on connect » option not always moving the last connect server to top.
47.Improved dual monitor handling for @windows and custom dialogs. The script editor is still displayed in its last saved position.
48.Fixed $mask() gpf bug with long parameters.
49.Fixed /timerN without parameters listing all timers.
50.Added /echo -c color name switch, eg. /echo -c action text. The line color uses the selected theme in the colors dialog.
51.Fixed $* gpf bug.
52.Added auto-hide nick list option in channel nick list dialog.
53.During a dcc resume, the last 8192 bytes are chopped off only once the transfer actually begins.
54.Fixed /hload and /hsave with binary files when some items in table are empty.
55.Fixed windows not being auto-tiled when switchbar is moved.
56.$online now returns value based on settings in timer dialog.
57.Fixed dde gpf bug.
58.Fixed /filter numeric sorting bug.
59.Added /showmirc -m switch, minimizes according to tray options.
60.Fixed $fline() bug with wrapped lines.
61.Fixed numeric 472 not being displayed or processed by scripts.
62.Added support for server password in irc://[email protected] links.
63.Fixed menu handling bug that affected the favorites popup menu as well as various other menus under 95/NT.
64.Fixed /fseek -wr bug when the last line in a file did not end in a CRLF.