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MSN Messenger Plus 2.00.15

Une nouvelle version de l’ADD-ON pour le logiciel de messagerie instantanée de Microsoft est sortie, beaucoups de bugs qui étaient présent dans l’ancienne version ont été corrigé… Lisez la suite pour la liste des changements intervenus depuis la version 2.00.14 !

Télécharger MSN + pour Windows (1.02 mo)

– Personalised Away, Station Lock First-Time and Boss Protection First-Time windows are now displayed at the top of every window everytime when activated.
– Setup does not refuse to install anymore by giving a false « You must have Messenger 4.6 installed » message.
– In Windows XP, if Messenger 5 is installed, Messenger 5 is launched at the end of Messenger Plus! setup.
– Contacts email adresses are encrypted in the registry. Because of that, data recorded in previous versions of Messenger Plus! will be lost (for Contact Manager). Also, old entries are not deleted automatically. It is the responsability of the user, if he wants to protect his privacy and if he installed a previous version of Messenger Plus! 2.00, to clean his registry or uninstall MP2 before installing this new version.
– Better banner hiding when the Messenger contact window is maximized
– « Personalised Status » is not shown multiple times in the title bar of Messenger. Also the text will be correctly shown every time it is relevant.
– Added support for multiple monitors. It should solve Quick Icon panel problems… let me know!
– Fixed bug in logs… when « Truncate Contact Name » was not selected for logging, name of the contacts were not logged for action messages (/me).
– Tried a fix for the Share button problem « You can’t send a directory ».
– Added a bunch of new events in the Event Viewer.
– Logs are correctly saved when Windows is rebooted.
– When you double click on an item in the Event Viewer, a simple window is displayed with all the associated information.
– Possible support of beta versions of Windows higher than Windows XP (like Windows .NET or Longhorn). However, I didn’t tested it.
– When the Event File name is incorrect, it is automatically fixed by the software.
– Added a warning when going in the Preferences the first time if no user signed-in yet (preferences are saved by account so in that case, first time you loggin you will lose all your previously recorded settings).
– Messenger 5 Compatibility Info message modified to be more understandable.
– When the Personalised Away window times-out and disapears by itself, Personalised Away mode is not activated.