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Nero Burning Rom

Une nouvelle version de nero vient de sortir, le langage pack à déjà été édité donc bon téléchargement.
Les changements n’ont pas encore été communiqués.

Lien de téléchargement de Nero (20.9 Mo)
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Lien de téléchargement du langage pack (7.62 Mo)
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Changements de Nero à Nero

Features Added

Added support for new recorders
Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express:

Add CD-copy of open CDs (CDs that got no lead-in/lead-out)
Added miniDVD information in compilation property dialog
Prevent shutdown, logoff or suspend when burning, blanking or ripping
Size parameters of the Add Files & Folders dialog are remembered now
Starting from different user accounts on the same time is now allowed
Bug Fixes

Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express:

Fixed erase disc from Nero StartSmart caused in some circumstances a crash
Fixed not all writing speeds are available for CD recorders
Fixed only show options for DVD compilation if a DVD recorder is attached or expert settings are enabled
Fixed displaying of write speeds if a DVD compilation is selected while a CD recorder is the current recoreder
Fixed displaying of correct write speeds
Fixed burning order of files dragged into a compilation
Fixed problem with Nero seems to hang when opening an invalid cue file
Fixed copying CDs to certain recorders
Fixed copying ID3 tags when transcoding mp3 to mp3
Prevent turning on joliet burning in DVD-Video compilation
Fixed problem when NeroNET server runs on different ports
Fixed copying of DVDs to Image Recorder
Fixed refreshing recording speed during multiple copies
Fixed saving tracks to NRG image file
Fixed caching of files bigger than 2GB
Fixed opening of « find file » dialog if more than one file is selected
Improved displaying of hidden directories and files
Fixed problems with file dates older than 2037
Disable eject button if drive is locked by another application
Fixed sorting of DVD-Video items within directories when burning a DVD-Video compilation
Fixed « Out of memory » problem during video conversion
The « Ahead on the Web » dialog will now direct to the site corresponding to the active user interface language
Nero Burning ROM:

Fixed loading of DVD-Video compilation
Fixed « Use this date » and « use current date and time » settings of compilation properties
Fixed option to show the amount of buffer underruns for various recorders
Fixed some problems with undoing changes in a compilation
Fixed adding list of files (pictures) containing unsupported files to (S)-VCD compilation
Fixed selection of the amount of buffer underruns
Fixed displaying of time in volume creation/modification
Nero Express:

FixedProblems with loading MPG-4 files
Fixed opening compilation files
Corrected selection behaviour for audio property dialog
Corrected non-modal behaviour of the « Select Files and Folder » dialog
Nero WaveEditor:

Fixed spectogram and wave display for certain mp3 files
Fixed some localization problems
Saving changes to files did not always include all changes
Nero BackItUp:

Fixed restoring to original path of backups with more than one disc
Sometimes failed to restore backup from files splitted to multiple CDs
Nero SoundTrax:

Redesigned burn progress dialog
Fixed burning of Audio CD indexes
Nero StartSmart:

Fixed opening HD-Burn compilation with Nero Burning ROM.