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Overnet 0.52

Une nouvelle version de ce client p2p vient de sortir. Pour rappel, ce logiciel permet de se connecter au réseau eDonkey sans passer par un serveur.

Informations sur ce client…
Téléchargement de Overnet 0.52 (1.26 Mo)
Version 0.51.2 pour Linux et Mac OS X

Source : BetaNews

Liste des changements:
– zlib Server support
– Support for other protocols. Any one can now plugin any type of other download protocol. Gnutella, Fastrack, bittorrent, etc.
– Sources can be limited per download. See Options | Advanced
– vq command changed, new options
(none) just the number on queue, verbose old output, summary list of files and a number of people on queue
– Win98 Crash on exit fixed
– « banner » command expanded. Now sends us an email with the contents of the file in question so
we can fix it easier. Use this on banners which violate our policies (roll overs, sounds, etc)
– columns will expand with a tooltip to show hidden data on mouse over if enabled (advanced)
– Media Player Disabled loading of the player at startup due to random crashes with certain combinations of settings. Drag and drop onto the image to load up WMP (also saves on ram when not using it)
– Stats Can clear global uptime
– Fixed some random crashes.